Ethnic Sausages.


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21_Man said:
Sterling_Stirling said:
21_Man said:
Haven't eaten a banger since becoming aware of 'Mechanical Meat Recovery Machines'What's in a Pusser's Snorker these days?

No such thing at the outlet I quoted, ONLY 100% lean pork shoulder used in their bangers,(hardly any fat residue when grilled) they and other small companies like them are turning out quality stuff for a discerning market.

I'm sure they are as good and well made, as you say

My comment was aimed at the stuff being offered by the big 3 and the dreaded (very tasty after a gallon of beer) saveloy, found lurking in F'n'C shops

That's OK then, will will no longer have to track you down and kill you.
Srirling, heel. :wink: :D