Ethnic Sausages.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Oct 15, 2010.

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  1. To me an ethnic sausage is a sausage particular to a region. For instance Cumberland sausages, and that horrible specimen they produce up the road in Lichfield.

    A few years ago I was in transit with my son on our way to a wedding in Pocklington near York. We stopped just short of York in a town called Howden, for our brekkie.
    I got conned into swapping my beef burger for the sausage he had, on our full Everything breakfast.
    The sausage had a certain tang to it that I mistook for an intended flavour. It was in fact rank, and I spent that night in York hospital suffering with food poisoning.

    So when on a recent visit to meet Stirling, he presented me with a humongous bap (bread roll) and a tray of local (ethnic sausages)

    I took them home and tried me best to remember if I had ever upset Stirling to a point he would want to kill me and if so would he sausage me to death.
    Deciding I could trust him and working on the Dr Pepper theory I grilled the little suckers and slapped them on the bap.
    (Joe Crow take note we are so poor we get food aid from York.)

    Boy were those little sausages perfect, everything Stirling cracked em up to be, and I am now thinking of a scam to get them down here.
    See there is a plan forming as we speak, 2BM said he likes riding bikes, its 100 miles so... yes,... :roll: 8O :D
  2. Lincolnshire sausages would p1ss on anything the jocks have to offer. (we don't just deep fry them ) :wink:
  3. Haven't eaten a banger since becoming aware of 'Mechanical Meat Recovery Machines'

    What's in a Pusser's Snorker these days?
  4. Sausages and burgers, they're all the same - the sweepings off the abbatoir floor! 8O :twisted: :D
  5. Not forgeting the dead donkeys queer things :pukeright:

  6. Oh goody kissing and Rimming combined. Yum yum. :roll: 8)
  7. Fishcakes and Fishfingers are the equivelent in the "fish" world. Many a time in the 80's I swept up the droppings from the factory floor to shovel them into the "mixer".
  8. I'm only "coming" if you wear that black dress :oops: :D
  9. No such thing at the outlet I quoted, ONLY 100% lean pork shoulder used in their bangers,(hardly any fat residue when grilled) they and other small companies like them are turning out quality stuff for a discerning market.
  10. The above is spot on, no fat to speak of when grilled and above all the best flavoured banger I've eaten in a coons age. :wink:
    If they were available down here I would eat more sausage, but driving to York every time I want bangers and mash tends to be a tad expensive, in these times of the later-day/New age peasant. 8O :D
  11. I'm sure they are as good and well made, as you say

    My comment was aimed at the stuff being offered by the big 3 and the dreaded (very tasty after a gallon of beer) saveloy, found lurking in F'n'C shops
  12. Aye. brushteeth
  13. That's OK then, will will no longer have to track you down and kill you.
    Srirling, heel. :wink: :D

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