Ethnic minority poverty rates highlighted

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. Perhaps it is because that many in these communities still treat their women as chattels.
    India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, all in the same area of Asia. India is not a Christian country but its religions are far more tolerant than Islam. Could religion be part of the cause for poor quality of life?
    As an aside most Indian take aways are Bangladeshi owned and run, so there are many successful Bangladeshi people out there.
  2. I for one get somewhat peaved when we use the term poverty to desrcibe both some one in the UK who has a proper home, the resouces to obtain 3 square meals a day, clothing, telly, heeating, water and sewage facilities etc, and for example the poor retches existing just about in a refugee camp in Darfur.
  3. I don't get how they can be claimed under the heading 'poor/poverty', seeing as immigrants have recently taken over the job scene (they work for less), filling up the NHS, claiming whatever benefits they can etc. I still go by 'you only get what you deserve'. If you are not working or even trying then you get nothing in return.

    Chances are the majority are working 'illegally' (which in most cases is true), then trying to claim benefit. You get it out here, esp. with Pakistanis as they are not legally allowed to work, they find a job in construction etc then claim the £300 cyp they are entitled to from the government each month. Whats to say this isn't happening in the UK, maybe the Brit government may rethink how easy it is for immigrants to gain legal access to living in the UK these days.
  4. Genny....get some sleep......but, have a pint for me first. You're doing a great job! I agree with you!
  5. Strange, but all the poverty stricken so-called 'minorities' around my way in North London appear to be dressed in designer sports gear, and are running very lucrative, and illegal, cigarette and pirate dvd businesses..... :?
  6. So what ??

    There are many non Ethnic Minority families struggling to live, even with both adults working......
  7. Are you sure they ain't just chavs?

    As for the beer, I'd love to but......well......maybe in Nov lol
  8. Nah, the chavs in my area stand up to the rozzers, but the other lot would put Linford Christie to shame in their speed of departure from the scene.... :wink:
  9. Sorry,.........but could you tell me what "chavs" and "lol" mean? We tend to speak a different English on this side of the pond....Thanks
  10. Chavs take too long to explain, so you ight aswell viewhere for more info. Basically wear burberry, well fake any how, baseball caps with tracksuits and large elephant type earrings and basically look like trash. Think they might be related to 'hillbillies/white trash' in the USA.

    As for LOL - Laugh out loud
  11. Got ya!....We got plenty over here....Much thanks!
  12. JD, those 'elephant' ear rings are for them to rest the stillettos in whilst busy :wink: :wink:

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