Ethical questions relating to Gentic engineering

Ok guys ( I might live to regreat this)

However have hit a writers block regarding a debate I'm chairing tomorrow into gentic engineering,

questions/ statements for debate I have so far are :

drunk drives him car into a tree is it ethically right to grow him a new nose on the back of a mouse when the mouse will die when it is removed

should you be denighed a place at uni because you carry the breast cancer gene and might not make it to pay back your grant

is it right that a women with 3 boys should be allowed to screen her embryos for a female fetus

s it right that embyos are altered to provide organs, cells for siblings who are diying of genetic diseases

Organs from a pig being transplanted into a human despite a 1 in 1,000 risk of a porcine disease being passed on to humans

any extras would be a bonus

cheers in advance

Just show the film Gattaca starrnig Ethan Hawke and Jude Law. Great film and really makes you think about where we are going.
prehaps I should explain better ( my own fault have been celebrating my confirmed place at uni) plan of action is to give a PP presentation on the back ground into GE, then split the group into two and get them to put questions/ statements into aggree/ disagree/ unsure piles then discuss any differences in each group
Blimey, thats deep :)

With Genetic Engineering producing startling advances in longevity, is it ethical for humans to live past a certain age due to drugs, with the current and projected strain on the Nations Healthcare Service and reliance on pensions? If so, how long should the Human "working life" last for?

Are we in danger of breeding "super-humans" that cannot die of disease?

Will we find ourselves in the situation where the rich don't get ill ?

These OK for starters ?
The Baldness gene has been found, this points to an interest in "cosmetic gene therapy". will we soon be buying skin colour gene therapy kits at boots for example?
I would have thought that a referance to the Eugenics programme that was carried Out in NAzi Germany should put most people off Genetic Engineering.
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