Eternal Patrol

During WWII the US Submarine Service lost 52 Submarines, 375 Officers and 3,131 Enlisted Men.

The United States submarine service represented only 1.6% of Navy personnel at the time but suffered the highest percentage of casualties within any of the services; a casualty rate of about 22 percent. They also exacted a terrible price on the enemy accounting for 55% of all the Japanese ships sunk; this included a full third of the Japanese Imperial Navy.

Typically the loss of Submarine included the loss of the entire crew...

This video was put together as a 2007 Memorial Day tribute to those still on "Eternal Patrol".

**The Video is about halfway down the page**
The losses in all the major combatants Submarine Services were excessive if viewed against the size of the force involved compared with its mother Navy.

The highest loss of personnel of any reasonable sized armed forces branch, of any country in WW11 was not Kamikaze Pilots but the German U Boat arm who lost about 709 boats in action. With a total of 28000 men killed in a force of 41000 officers and men that makes a percentage losses of 68% of total personnel.

The RN lost 73 boats and 13 midget boats in WW11 with a loss of approaching 4500 men.

AS Billy N M's stated the loss of a submarine both in war and in fact peace time accidents, normally means the loss of the entire crew, that is the nature of "The Trade".


PS in 1945 the USN had 3.405.525 personnel even with my lousy maths that makes the loss nearer 0.16% than the headline figure of 1.6%. If you use the stength of the USN in 1940 when they entered the war of 215.273 you get much closer to the 1.6% a bit creative with percentages me thinks.

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