It seems Spain is up in arms now, as from Midnight, last night, ETA had finally ended their peace truce contract. Now, this is cause for concern worldwide and Spain have been waiting for something to happen.

The car bombing that happened in Dec, previously and killed 2 civilians, was being pinned on ETA, even though they were on this treaty. The politic parties are having a whale of a time with this, with one party being dubbed 'ETA'S Alli', who have claimed that if ETA is to be blamed for the car bombing, then the Spainish Government can be blamed for it happening too.

What are your thoughts?

ETA announced its permanent ceasefire on the 22nd of March last year. It was the third truce it had called in 20 years. It deemed the time was right to seek a political solution to its decades old fight for an autonomous homeland, comprising two Spanish regions, the Basque Country and Navarra, as well as the French Basque Country. ETA's name for it: "Euskal Herria."

The Spanish government immediately started consulting with the other political parties and was given a unanimous mandate to talk peace with the terrorists.

However, as opposition leader, Rajoy warned the Prime Minister not to do anything which could compromise the state."

Two months later the pair were no longer talking as Rajoy cut off all relations with Zapatero's government, accusing it of making secret concessions to ETA.

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