Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by aled_bryn, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. anybody else waiting for an entry date as a weapons engineer?

    my application was put through in june and obviously the waiting time is around 12 months but is anyone close to getting their entry date?
  2. Aled

    When did you sit your RT?

  3. Im going in as a ETWE and I go to Raleigh next Sunday! :D

    You want to respond to Soleil about this as he gives really good and useful info. :wink:
  4. ooo some reason i thought soleil was a lady, sorry soleil. Im not in the navy yet and im already getting confused with the sexes :oops: .
  5. Fixed.
  6. Hi, does anyone know the waiting time for ET (WE), i sat the RT last week but forgot to ask. Thanks.
  7. 12 months (from the date of your RT).
  8. I sat my RT in about june and have just got a date for 21st March 2010.
  9. I start basic training as ET WESM in January 2010. I sat RT in February 2009, advised of start date in July 2009
  10. Guy when do you have your prejoining brief?
  11. Don't know yet - was advised it would be in November some time, but not heard anything yet.
    Going on RNAC next week, so looking forward to that. Will probably drop in to AFCO on way back. Just to show my face and see what's next.

    Why do you ask?
  12. I sat my RT in the middle of june, applying for WS but in my interview this month i changed to ETWE will thi change effect the wait of entry or will it still be the ETWE time from when i took my RT, from what dates some people have im hoping to go in around march/april 2010 thanks.
  13. took my rt in april and get my entry date for 3/01/10 and going on RNAC next monday
  14. When were u given your dates spur52 and hoff09? Thanks
  15. That's identical to me! Travelling up to Rosyth on Monday, (05/10/09)
    And start basic training on 03/01/10
  16. I got my date about 2-3 weeks ago now. Set for the 21st March 2010. Sat my RT in about mid June.
  17. Got my date about 2-3 weeks ago now. Set for 21st March 2010. Sat my RT in about mid June.

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