Any serving weapon engineers on here? Can you tell me more about your trade? How simlar is it to being an Armourer? Do WE'S also look after the SA80 and other small arms?
Thanks matey. I have read that already and like the rest of the job descriptions on the RN website its very informative.

Do ET WE'S do anything with the SA80 or any other small arms? Do they look after the marines weapons/small arms?
When I was in the WE Departments. We's looked after the small arms which included the SA80's and Browning Pistols no board ship in the Close Range/Small Arms Department
All our small arms including GPMG are looked after by the Gunner's party (Warfare Specialists). There is one armourer onboard, who is a CPO/PO ET (WE). He will attempt to rectify any defects with small arms but day to day maintenace and cleaning of small arms remain with the users(Gunners)
If ordinance is your bag as a WE you will assist the CPO/PO (WE) in looking after miniguns, 20mm/30mm cannon, 4.5 inch gun (obviously dependant on what ship you're on).
But weapon engineering encompasses a whole raft of systems.

External Communications (including Satellite Comms)
Internal Communications (onboard phones and telephone exchange)
Radar systems
Electronic Warfare sensors and Decoys
Display Systems
Computer assisted Command systems
Sonar systems
IT support
Gyros and navigational aids
Missile systems
Aviation services

As an ET (WE) you will get time to work on all these systems in your first sea job, but on promotion to leading hand and onwards you will specialise in one area of the above.
Myself as a WE i look after my ship's surveillance radars and subsequent seawolf system.

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