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ET-(WE) (Yes, another question I the

Morning chaps,

Before I get started I know there's a lot of information out there about these roles and have searched endlessly.

I sent my application off the other night for the role of Mine Warfare Specialist. The AFCO has been in touch and I have to go in for an interview next week.

I emailed the AFCO and asked if it was possible to speak to serving members of the ET- (WE) branch, MW, and HM.
However as time is pressing and I don't think I'll be able to speak to any serving members, I thought I'd come on here. I'm thinking now that I want to go Weapon Engineer instead of muppet.

I'm just looking for a detailed overview of the life of a Weapons Engineer (HM and MW I think I know enough about). I've read a good day to day life of a WE (back in the days of the OM branch) and obviously things have changed. I get the whole WE's do rounds and "get contractors to fix it for them" joke just wondering what I'll actually be doing and if I could specialise specifically in weapons (machine guns, missiles, etc.) rather than computers. Will I be doing a lot to do with computers or can I choose to be more of a "gun buster"? One more thing (Sorry!) what's the day to day life like and please no jokey answers I need some good answers please mates as I want to be well prepared for the interview process.

I'm going surface fleet as well.

Sorry for the long post

Thanks in advance chaps,

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