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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by boulton48, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Just posting a thread on what the training pipeline is like after Raleigh for ETWE rates. I failed my AIB but still think that the navy is for me and I have an interview to research for this. Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. Alright guys,

    I have done a bit more research into this, and as i understand I go to Collingwood MW school for 5 months. However is there any current WE's in the service or former that could give me some heads up on what actually occurs within those 5 months? Also do I go straight to do sea time after this period?

    All help would be greatly appreciated as cant find any info on the site about it.

  3. I'm a WE, been many years since i did phase 2, however i'm always in / out of Collingwood doing PJT's etc, In your Phase 2, expect to do courses such low level entry electronics, maths, everything you'll need to get you started on you're first ship. If you go on Facebook and have a look at Royal Navy Recruitment, they have some info on there also. If you need any specific questions gimme a holla.

  4. Ah thats brill mate thanks for the heads up its all great help. Ah so do you get a chance to specialise in a specific type or dept around the ship for example missile systems or electronic displays? And what is the crack with the top up of your foundation degree when u get to the dizzy heights of PO?

    Thanks again.
  5. I've read on the WE Facebook page that Part IIs are doing EMAs ... enjoy your early morning runs boys and girls.
  6. oo the joys of early morning runs hope the storms arn't ruining that ha!
  7. From the old days of the Battle Blocks (Plate, Finisterre, Nile and Santes) apparrantly they used to hide in cupboards, under beds etc to try and get out of them for an extra hours kip.
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Do you enjoy backdoor bum fun? If not, you're gonna hate Thursday mornings... :oops:
  9. When you join a ship, no doubt the department coordinator will pencil you in for a particular section, i.e. Weapons, Sensors, Comms etc, on average (ship depending) theres around 10 sections. You will move around the sections throughout your time in the department, You will have your taskbook to do etc.

    I've got a Fd Degree and I'm about to start topping it up as it happens, I joined up as a Tiff (old fast track scheme before ET's), anyways when you've completed 8 yrs, you have the ability to use your 3 Enhanced Learning Credits which equate to 3 x £2000. Normally you would use these when you leave the service, but can be used whilst in the navy also. however for me to top up my degree i would have to use 2 credits, I would have to contribute, (so does everyone, you wont get it 100% free), so for me to top up my degree i want to do it over 2 yrs, i would have to contribute £300 per year towards the course.

    Any more Q's feel free to ask.

  10. Ah that sounds pretty ace to be fair I cant wait, hopefully will get in before christmas. Getting another degree sounds really appealling as well.

    Cheers for the help.
  11. passed out of phase 2 collingwood almost 7 months ago now. Currently serving on HMS Westminster as a ETWE. When your there the modules differ from prvious groups due to LET course's etc using the class rooms and instructors so not always the same as the class before you. The weeks to look out for are the hand tool's, comms and soldering these are the one's i enjoyed. You spend a week on HMS Bristol doing basic engineering *walking around with a fluke checking fuse pannels* you'l be spending your time in the far left corner of the base called Bryson and LOWE blocks *both pretty crap* LOWE block has a real issue with plumbing but you've got washers and dryers in there so no need to pay at the laundrete near the NAFFI. want to know anything else give me a nudge still got all my course notes and letters im sure theres a guide to the training in there some where. food is at a discounted rate so all good. plenty of phys EMA's 0500 running around the base for a hour in the cold............. dog watch sports then 3-4 weekly PT sessions. Phase 2 while i was there (Victory squadron) was run by a Lt Cdr ex PTI. you'l be in the blocks with numerous other branch's from Warfare to CIS now ETWE(CIS) :S divers etc but there all good and its good to get to know them the first 1-2 weeks are like raliegh as in they drag and plenty of paperwork+rushing around.As i said above if you want to know anything more or still intrested let me know :)Ducky
  12. Ah this is awesome stuff ducky cheers. Congrats on passing out and on your first post. Sound really interesting I am really eager to start now, got my interview in 2 days as well so all the help is greatly appreciated. If i get anymore questions i will be sure to give you a nudge.

  13. No problem :) you may get some pissed off p.o during phase 1 who gives you a brief on phase 2 and life as a WE dont listen to him he's a old TIFF and pretty pissed at the RN he missed his chiefs ........... life in phase 2 is like phase 1 but more freedom just stick too it :). Good luck with the interview, be honest with them and answer everything they say. Make sure you tell them about you looking into the training etc were short on WE's at the moment there may be a chance of que jumping ...... :)
  14. Sounds absolutley ace to me would be well up for that as it is anyway not a problem. The fact that there is a lack and a big push for WE's is just a bonus in my view. Cheers for the support will let you know how it goes, extremely excited.
  15. alright guys passed my final interview today extremely buzzing, just the security clearance and my start date to wait for. thanks for all the help.
  16. Fd eng will be quite a wait, give or take 6-8yrs to get on the course.Then it's a 2.5 yr course, so looking at 10 yrs or so to get what use to be an HND. It's a vital qualification if you want to continue engineering when you leave the mob. I'm old money, ex WEM who did tif's course, you've picked a great branch which will give you plenty of diversity. Take me, I currently service medical and dental equipment, previously use to teach and fire fighting and damage control to ships' companies, that's after doing my core job of radar and sonar engineering.
    I did not bother topping it up with a BSC, it would've been a waste of ELC for what I want to do when I leave next May. It's a CV padder, and only handy if you're thinking of a future career inmanagement.
    Good luck, there will be shit times, i.e. scrubbing out a hull outfit at 2300hrs prior to an inspection that you have to get up at 0530 for, but the good times, mates, and being a member of a fairly chilled out department will more than make up for it.
  17. cheers for the info mac sounds really good still as at least i have the option if I want to get one, just means gotta put the time in and spend the credits. But I suppose I will find out what i would like more when im in and things, so never know. Cant wait to get a date now, big grin from ear to ear absolutely ellated.
  18. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    So how did it go?

    Got my selection interview for the same branch in a weeks time.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2012
  19. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Passed my selection for ET(WE)-awaiting SC and PRNC date.
  20. Congrats, was it what you expected?

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