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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by notters, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. Hi all, and happy bank holiday.

    I have applied to the navy for ET (WE). I know the spill about the job, however i wondered if anyone here could shed a bit more light on the role. For example what other jobs would i be doing, or would it just be maintaining equipment? would i get much guard/sentry, would i do much ceremonial? also eventually i would like to be a pti, what is the earliest i could do this? i am a qualified PE teacher in civvy street. Would my qualifications help?

    Any further advice would be greatly appreciated.


  2. [​IMG]
  3. You're going to be the one summoned to shed light on the role, just as soon as you've changed that duff lamp!
  4. PTI is sideways entry, you would have to qualify for LET before applying for clubswinger.
  5. Or when you get called out in the middle of the night by the Officer Of The Watch because he can't see any illumination on the knobs and switches of his display, so you just turn the brightness up for the stupid fcuker and go back to bed.
  6. To be honest, you will assist the 'Tif' or CWEM/POWEM (sorry but mostly all WE Senior Rates are still OLD STYLE) in preventative maintenance routines, if showing an alacritry for it you might be trusted to do this on your own. Fixing stuff doesnt come until leading hand level.
    It is also dependant on what ship you serve on. T22s and T42s are still maintenance intensive and require a lot of lateral thinking in diagnostic and corrective procedures. Couldnt tell you about T23s as never served on one. T23s are supposed to be less maintenance intensive but youll have to ask someone who has loafed on these.
    To be honest if you are really serious about becoming a PTI, dont waste your or the Navy's time in being a WE. The amount of training required for an ET is far more than warfare or logs. Therefore the manning powers will be more reluctant to let an expensively trained technical rate cross branches than a not so expensive pillow fluffer or shelf stacker.
  7. I hardly know any old style PO WEM's and there are even less CWEM. Most of the POWEm are stuck there as they never wanted to go tiffy.
    And all tiffs are now either POET, CPOET, or WO2ET. The only remaining tiffs are a few LWEAs who will becombe ET's when they get there rate.
    As for not letting ETs transfer over its nonsense i know at least 5 lads who are about to go either PTi, reggie or phot.
    The navy is that short of lads letting lads do wha tthey want is better than them stick there chit in.
  8. Danny,

    I mean Tif as in finished course as a POWEA then got name changed. I qualified as a tif, (ET) on the end of my rate is meaningless.
    Just like callig a CPO (M) a CPO(AWW). They are actually quite different animals. AB(M) or a AB(WS) who is the gunner. Hence WEA/APP being different to an ET(WE).
    Far as Im concerned a senior rate ET is one who has been an ET throughout his career course.

    Dunno bout you but there are 4 powem/cwems on my ship, so they are still loads out there.

    The fundamental difference between me and an ET, is that I get my Chiefs automatically upon passing my Chiefs board. An ET has to be selected to be a Chief, then goes and does a Chief's course.This is only having served two sea drafts as a PO(ET). This Chief's course is not an extra, but what use to be tacked on the back of Weapon Engineering Specialist Artificer's course. So a PO(ET) who has just completed PO(ET)s is not the same as PO(ET) who was name changed from POWEA.
  9. I was rated POREL(A) but by the end of my time had miraculously transformed into a POAEM(R).
    I and most of my compatriots still referred to ourselves as PORELs etc. :w00t:
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  14. tiddlyoggy

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