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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Jack!, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone could recommend any literature that could be helpful for phase 2 training for WE. It's been a few years since I was at school and I'll struggle to remember electrical theory or even basic physics.

    I realize that we will probably get refreshed in training, however I am sure that any knowledge prior to starting phase 2 would be advantageous.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Learn how to remove your bunk light as you will spend most of your time in your rack crashed out with no use for it.
  3. Drakey is obviously a miffed Stoker, can you keep the noise down shippers some of us don't keep watches :)

    Well Jack me dohbi bucket, it's been a while since I went through Collingrad on WEM's course but don't worry you will be told all you need to know, but some sense of Ohms law and the power triangle would be helpful, plus now where you do the old R and O's course probably some basic hydraulic and pneumatic stuff too.

    Just think yourself lucky that Chief Connery is not still terrorizing baby WE's in Workshops.

    Good luck mate, you picked the right branch to join.
  4. The course is seriously easy, make sure you know Ohms Law and Kirchoffs Law. Thats all I can really say.

    The course is broken down into modules,

    Hydraulics - Hydraulic Safety etc

    Internal Comms - Basic Fault finding, System Overview

    Electronic Repair - Soldering, making connections etc

    Explosive Safety - Does what it says on the tin

    Electrical Principles - Ohms Law, Electrical Testing, BM80, Multimeter, Making safe electrical circuits, etc. You get the pleasure of staying on the Bristol for this module!

    Weapon Systems - Weapons and Sensors Overview

    WE Admin - er Admin shite!

    Hand Tools - You have to make to pieces of metal stick together with various types of bolts, pins, screws. This is at Sultan. I hope you like filing.

    I cant remember any other modules.

    I was disapointed with the course I thought I was going to be harder. I was top academic student on my course. 100% in every test.

    Dont listen to all the bitter comments about WE's being lazy. PICK YOUR BRANCH TAKE YOUR CHANCE!

    B.A.T.S = Bitter And Twisted Stoker, you will meet alot of them.
  5. As a WE you'll also have to know how to fill out a T3 form, no need to learn anything else :wink:
  6. Quick question to any ET (WE)'s out there do you lot still use Avo's or Wayne Kerr's?
  7. Still have avo's, never heard of a wayne kerr though, what is it?
  8. Insulation test set, used em on antenna feederd etc. Had a handle you had to wind up, set some dials and away you went, meggars were an option but only ever came in the 250 volt variety, sometimes needed more that that for motor windings.

    Glad to hear avos are still about, would have thought digital multimeters would be the norm today. Oh the joys of paralex error.

    Blimey can almost hear Chief Connery shouting at me now.
  9. I know what you mean now, we still have the Wayne Kerrs. We dont seem to use the antiquated equipment like that anymore, but its still in the CRETE cupboard, collecting dust.

    Seems a bit daft really that we have them, because they still have to be calibrated every 6 months, which must be costing the pusser a pretty penny.

    Nowadays weve got Fluke DMM's and the BM80 Megger. The BM80 is being replaced by the MIT400.
  10. Tend to use AVO 7X on boats to do milliamp leakage tests on the main battery, it's got a high internal impedance (which is why the 8X replaced it). It was a bugger to get cal'd though, and as previously stated caused many an argument over what range scale you were supposed to be looking at.
  11. just a quick question? if i wanted to go on and further my electrical studies after 26 weeks, is there a level nvq4? i dont know these english standards yet. And would that help me get promoted quicker?
  12. Sure it is a typo wrecker but I remember the 7X has lower internal impedance than the 8x.
  13. Not a typo, an age thing :oops:
  14. Hmmm...books for WE's. Now let me think...Ladybird, Enid Blyton, Rupert the Bear - any of those should do. As Drakey said you'll be in your pit mostly sleeping off doing the previous day's effort at trying to find the paperwork :roll:
  15. There you go mate - fixed it for you. :wink: :lol:
  16. And there was me thinking the mob had changed, glad it still is as it evr was. Can you clankie please keep the noise down, some of us have taskbook golden matress to complete you know.

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