ET-(WE) career questions

Hello chaps,

Looked through literally every single piece of literature about the role of ET-(WE) in the surface fleet but alas it comes up with only a vague bit of general information (same with most other branches).

I applied for the role of Mine Warfare Specialist and sent my application off last week and am just awaiting an interview.

I am however thinking it's not the role for me and am leaning towards Weapon Engineer.

I do, however have a few questions about this role:

• Would I have to specialise in electronics and computer related stuff or could I lean more towards fixing and maintaining of the actual weapons such as missiles, machine guns, Mk 8 naval gun, etc. Rather than the electronic systems behind them? I understand I would have to learn the basics of all aspects however.

• would I be involved in any on Board seamanship evolutions? I read a post about the day to day life of an OM but it said that the only thing to substitute bridge watchkeeping for WE rounds and the post involved seamanship evolutions. I'm not particularly fussed either way. Aside from seamanship, is there any other on board roles?

• I read on the PDF that a weapons engineer "operates" the systems to defend the ship from attack. Is this a mistake and actually that they maintain them or is there a degree of actually operating weapons systems? I thought this role fell solely to WS and SS

• one last one: as I only have GCSE's would I be eligible to become an officer after or during training like in other branches (the AFCO informed me that if I had 3 A* to C grades I could if asked or if I requested to go to Dartmouth from training? Or as WEO's require a degree would I also require one?

Could any serving WE's please post a day to day life of a Weapon Engineer?

Sorry for the long post but detailed answers would really help, I want to know as much as I can before I tell the AFCO this is what want to change my application.


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