ET(WE) after Raleigh?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sanitarium, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. Hi all.
    I'm hopefully about to be going to Raleigh in the next few weeks, I've got my PJFT this on Wednesday next week.
    I've read all I can about Raleigh and got the gist of what to expect. I'm going in as a ET(WE) SM.
    I just wanted to ask a few questions about the phase 2 training, Submarine Training, Collingwood etc.
    Just a basic outline of the kind of work and training I can expect to face. I know this is a vast area and I'm not after specific details, just an outline on what areas I need to brush up on and research.
    Just trying to give myself a bit of preparation.
    If people could email me some of the info, rather than post, that would be great.
  2. Learn to hold your breath before you join Dolphin. The tanks 100ft and they will do their best to make you blow out, but if you learn to hold it before you go, you will be able to defy them and show them you are a top man and ideal for boats.
  3. Have they re-established SETT in the tank??

    Holding breath training - check! :lol:

  4. I wouldn't think that if u have your PJFT next week you wouldn't be going to Raleigh in the next few weeks.
  5. yes ,having your rectum reamed is still a hazard in the navee. Unfortunately regulations prevent the issue of vaseline so bring your own or make friends withe cooks who will let you have some beef dripping for a small fee
  6. I dont think so. Its been shit canned i think.
  7. It has indeed.
  8. Sanitarium: I would be very careful indeed if you intend to hold your breath whilst ascending the tank at Dolphin. At around 30ft you will pop your lungs quite easily and flop back to the bottom of the tank - quite dead old boy, so be careful of info you hear on here, especially from submariners who should know better...
  9. Hi, just going by what AFCO have given me, info wise.
  10. Not really into the **** thing, but I'll keep in touch with the chef's , just in case I need thier expertise in anallube :D
  11. Dicky? Doncaster? My father in law from there...say no more! LOL
  12. Hey i joined collingwood about 4 weeks ago as a ET(WE) Gs. BUt the course is near enough the same for gs as it is for sm. So far i have found it pretty good. Bit boring at times but take the rough with the smooth and you will enjoy it.

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