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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by future_ET(MES), Jun 3, 2006.

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  1. hi there, when i applied way back last nov, i selected MEM (stoker) and also vol-ed for submarines, and so was told that became MESM. The "s" being for submariner....obvious! however now being told am gonna become a ET(MES) Engineering techinian etc etc....... WILL THE BADGE STILL BE THE STOKERS PROP OR WHAT?
  2. The new badge is a vision of such extreme ugliness that I lack the power to describe it to you. When the new badge was revealed to the assembled stokers on my last ship, the mass groan of horror and disgust was a sight to behold! IIRC, the new badges are on on the RN website. I would reccomend viewing tem through an MMA welding mask until you are acclimatised to the true horror.
  3. Obviously the powers that be are too scared to put the new badges on the RN website - only the old ones (and old branches too - buck up DPR(N)) are on the rubbish trendy black'n'red webshite. Considering it is the front door to the RN, it constantly amazes me how truly abysmal and out of date (and irrelevant) the website is...

    Clanky's right - the new badges are horrible. Truly horrible.
  4. Could you post a pic in the gallery section - with the obvious warning about those choosing to look being responsible for their own subsequent illness... :roll:

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