Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by cban, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. im going to raleigh as a ET(ME) in june and after reading many things in this site all people seem to day is that all the job involves is cleaning and takeing readings is this true :p
    wouldnt mind knowing from a actulay ET(ME) :p
  2. Have you been offered a trip to the RPC (Ratings Preparation Course)? If not talk to your Careers Advisor. During that 3 day course you will get to talk to people who are already ET (ME) and ask any questions you may have about the job and the RN.


  3. i havent no, i passed all my tests and everything i reived my joining date a few weeks ago and the next thing i am do do is my pre joinng briefing then im away to raleigh , was just wondering on current ET(ME) and there take on the job in the fleet thats all :p
  4. hiya mate im joining as an ET(ME) aswell.

    i understand what you mean. i just got back from the RNAC (royal naval acquaints course) that supermario wast talking about. i highly recommend you try and get onto one of those. before i went i didnt fully understand what the entire job role of an ET(ME) is. reading all the careers leaflets can only tell you so much, and obviously the navy is going to shed all the trades in a good light so people apply to them. thats my opinion anyway. however after going on the course last week i got to chance to speak to an ET(ME) on a minesweeper at HMS Faslane and got to ask him all the questions i wanted and now i cant wait to join :D!
    the job encompasses a lot more than just 'cleaning and taking readings'. he was in a control room monitoring the entire ships systems then taking appropriate action if any faults occured, and also carrying out routine maintenance of equipments. cleaning is the job of everyone i board i believe.

    when you going to raleigh then?

    hope this helps mate
  5. i dare say i will get my self through some time and see if i can then :p
    i know ET(ME) is the thing for me anyways no mater what people say, i like technology :rambo:
    7th of june is the big day for me :D
  6. im going as ET(ME) on 7th june aswell see you there m8 :wink:
  7. should do mate its well worth going on, another good thing about it is you meet loads of other lads joining up in the same trade as you and lads going down at the same time. few of the lads i were there with are going down 7th june. i think ET(ME) should be a good job it looks really interesting :D.

    wish i was going down 7th of june, im down 14th june and i finish my week 8 just as Raleigh break up for summer leave for 4 weeks!!! so i gotta wait 4 weeks before my week 9 :( lol.
  8. indeed i shall :thumbleft:
    by the looks of ur dp ur from south shields? :p

    im from sunderland :D
    ET(ME) looks the way forward lyk 8)
    well im sure theyl let you watch mine and roberts09's pasing out parade ;)
  9. im looking to joinas an et(me) i am already doing an apprenticeship in hgv mechanics got 1 year left then im going to apply sounds interesting.

    regards hagbag
  12. nar man im just messing! yeah they were all decent lads should be good, i told everyone there to register on here but dont think any of them listened lol.
  13. gooood 8)
    i cant wait to go down, im so bored 8O
  14. Being an ME is good, you do feel far superior to almost every other trade on-board as you tend to know everything about everything that doesn't fire a projectile or go "ping".

    It is particularly hard work at times, and is (depending on what section you are one) quite dirty as well.
    It does require intelligence but once you know how to run various bits of machinery down the spaces, at an ETME level you don't need to be a genius and know the inner-workings of everything, that comes later.
    You need to be motivated to get your taskbook done and you need to have patience when you see the thickness of yours compared with the dabbers.
    You do clean, but everyone at our level does it doesn't stop at Raleigh/Sultan.

    Just don't be a lazy bastard.
  15. hi there i take it you are in/were in the royal navy. i was just wondering have you enjoyed your time in the royal navy? have you travelled the world etc... just asking because iv grown up with my dad being in the RAF and i knew i was always going to end up joining the forces when i was older. i enjoyed moving around different countries and loved the travelling. my dad was the one who told me to consider the navy because he said the RAF just doesnt go anywhere anymore. so thats what iv done now, im really looking forward to it, iv been working as an apprentice technician for the past two years so i hope this will hold me in good stead if im successulf in becoming an ET(ME).

    what is the aim of the taskbook then, i understand its gonna help you learn by carrying out different bits of machinery etc... but once you complete what do you get, do you get a pay rise or something because you will be more competent at repairs around the ship, or does it help you towards promotion???? is out taskbook considerably larger than some other trades?

    one last thing :lol: you mention that it depends what section we are in to whether we get dirty jobs or not, what sections are there?

  16. Sorry for the incredibly delayed and long reply;
    I am currently in the Royal Navy and I am, as they say, jack as fook. I love just about every minute of it.

    Anyone who knocks the trips abroad the RN does now can move back to Coventry or Staines and convince themselves that they're somehow better off than when they were in South Georgia/Rio/The Falklands/Dubai/cape town/gibraltar etc. There's plenty of them and they're places your friends will never visit....possibly with good reason.

    It may stand you in good stead that you've been an apprentice but remember to learn things the RN way and do them the way you're shown onboard.

    The taskbook is near enough what it says on the tin.
    Set tasks you need to perform infront of a leading hand or above to prove your competence in said tasks, usually accompanied by a diagram of the system you are operating.
    If not a system, than simply a routine maintenance task, performed for a killick of above (fitting a valve is a good one)
    It also includes whole ships tasks like fire fighting and damage control.
    I've been told it's bigger than most taskbooks, but I've never seen a Weapons or Aircraft engineers taskbook and I imagine theirs would be larger.
    It helps you towards promotion and pay rises in that you need it before you can have either!
    You have a harbour and sea taskbook, on completion of your harbour book you do an oral board, if passed you become an ET(ME)1, finish your sea section (almost completely redundant from the first bar a few things) you do an ops check (effectively..another board) and you can safely consider yourself out of the training pipeline.... and many an ETME sits quite happily at this level for years but you can push on further for promotion from here.

    As a baby stoker it doesn't really matter what section you're in, if theres a dirty job you'll get it before a more experienced one.
    There are quite a few sections, you can break them down into 3 larger sections if you like Propulsion (all things related to movement of the ship; turbines, steering, stabilisers) power and distribution (creating power via diesel then moving it about the ship) and ship services (air, water, waste, firemain systems, hull structures, hydraulics etc.)

    The best advice, and hopefully you'll hear it again; is to be keen or at least look keen all the time and your taskbook will get finished quickly. Get stuck in with whole ME Dept things like watchkeeping, get your face around the Dept. and it makes it worlds easier to get things done. Even if you secretly loathe every minute of it, the sooner you get that bloody book done the sooner you can try and enjoy the navy.
  17. That's a good post from a relative newbie for those about to embark on an ME career (seriously). At the risk of sounding patronising, clankies/stokers always had my utmost respect, possibly due to the fact that stinking, manky engine rooms were my idea of hell despite many 'acquaint' attempts whilst on board. The fact that, in my experience, runs ashore with the stokers were usually entertaining to say the least possibly adds to that view.

    That said feltchit, I think you'd do yourself a favour if you dropped the "you do feel far superior to almost every other trade on-board" view. Despite what I consider to be the huge mistake of Pay 2000 the 'all of one company' ethos should prevail. Everyone's job (well...) is essential to an efficient ship.
  18. Have not mastered use of emoticons or other symbols of electronic sarcasm; the far superior comment was meant with tongue firmly in cheek.
    I would never have passed boards or ops checks without seeing how all the depts work together; at some stage or another every stoker has needed one of the other branches to get a job done (and I could come up with quite a few examples), and vice-versa.
  19. Hiya Fetchit, thanks for the reply no worries about the long delay.

    the royal navy hopefully sounds like a career i will really enjoy and make the most of then.

    the travel is what im most looking forward to doing, wished i had joined up straight after my a-levels now instead of wasting time in my civvy job. that operation taurus that has just set off looks amazing!

    my dad has told me that aswell to forget the ways i have been taught in my current job and learn the ways the navy teaches me. my civvy training is pathetic anyway i do as i please most of the time with little correction its a joke. iv been in the territorial army for over a year now doing infantry training, and after being of my royal navy acquaints course there are a lot of things the navy do different of which im gonna have to start doing!

    how long does it take roughly to get promoted to leading hand then? i understand there are many factors affecting your chances of promotion, but just assuming the person worked hard and never got into any bother etc...

    so with the taskbook you can complete it as quickly as you want, in that i mean if you want it done quick you work towards completing every task required in it every day? just that with my current job i have a training syllabus to work with but i cant always complete some of the tasks as they can only be done if a certain job becomes available. for example one of my tasks was to do a timing belt on a car and if i didnt get the opportunity to do tht job for a long time it simply meant i couldnt pass that that task until i had done. is this similar to how the taskbook works? (hope that all makes sense)

    what is oral board? like some sort of presentation in front of a board of examiners?

    once out of the training pipeline are you still a rating? or are you distinguishable above a new entry ET(ME)?

    the section you are put in is it just assigned to you or is it chosen on your expertise in each of them? although i assume you will be trained on all of them initially?

    thanks for the advice though its a great help, i will work hard if im successful in my training, cant wait to get in to be fair i want to do as much as possible in the navy, all the adventurouse training and stuff. me dads in the RAF and says i should make the most of it as he never (got hitched up too quickly lol!) and regrets it.

  20. spelling mistakes i know before anyone moans! adventurous, and after being ON my royal navy acquaints

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