ET(ME) - Where are you in the process !?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Trigger_92, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. Finally, after two weeks of nervous waiting i have been passed Medically Fit :D

    Roll on the fitness test, just thought I'd start a thread to see where all the other ET(ME)'s are in the process!

    Trigger 8)
  2. Hi Trigger_92,
    I had to return to complete my medical on Tuesday as I was 7lbs over weight - I managed to lose 9lbs in 12 days so they passed me.
    I've now got to book my PJFT, pobably next week now then onto the final interview.
    I'm joining up as a ET(MESM), not been given any indication of a joining date and don't really expect to, until my interview.

    How's your fitness going?
    I am finding it somewhat difficult to achieve the time, some days I manage it others I can't, its so annoying. Just hope I'm on a good day for my PJFT!!
  3. Heya both! I passed my interview friday to go in as ET (MESM) and am currently awaiting a date, my recruiter mentioned that it might be a year as there is not enough submariners to train the required number of recruits. Although if you are going in as ET (ME) then it might be shorter or longer. cant wait now just want to get down there.
  4. Had to get my GP to complete an asthma questionare, But all is good!

    Fitness is going good, im doing mine in around 10.45'ish . Not amazing, but at least its within the time. Only thing is, ive not been doing mine on a treadmill, ive just been going out 'pounding the pavement' 8)

    Theres some pretty good advice on here for running if you look in the health and fitness forum.

    As for waiting times, i dont expect to be told at my interview. I think a few months wait after that and i should find out, well thats what the majority on here have went through!

    Powell, hope you get your dates soon mate. Best of luck,

    Trigger 8)
  5. Cheers mate! keep us posted on how u progress, and if you are stuck with anything ask away im sure one of the lads will answer with a correct answer/good bit of advice!
  6. Hey Trigger,

    I have my date on the 21st of February 2010 as an ET(ME). Can't wait. Took 3 weeks for my date to come through, but have spoke to people that are still waiting after like 3 months. That's the biggest problem.

    Check your inbox.

  7. HA HA collared:D !!!
  8. Its all mind games haha!
    Check my inbox - Am i missing something here ?

    Trigger 8)

    EDIT ; Got it !!

  9. This is just the start of the madness :D
  10. And we all cant wait :D
  11. Where am I in the process?

    Nowhere, I'm a LOG(PERS) :)
  12. well done trig
  13. hi im currently waiting for a date i going as et(mesm) been told i can expect anything between now and august which does seem a long way off but im sure it will soon arrive.
  14. Forgot about this thread completely! Passed my interview back in january, now awaiting dates! :D

    Bump to get it back up there, and for any other ET(ME)'s to make themselves known ;)
  16. :lol:
  17. I even opted to go boats because of the shorter waiting time, ha ha, what a mug :D
  18. I can wait the extra few months! (I hope...)

    Edit; What am i talking about !? Of course i can wait, ill wait as long as it takes :D
  19. Aye, I wouldn't have minded the wait to be honest, I was swung by the chance of getting qualified to work with a nuclear reactor. Sector 7G here I come B)
  20. I just cant wait to get stuck in :D

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