ET(ME) Likely drafts?


Hello all,

I'm currently a serving RM mechanic, due to personal issues I'm left with either a choice of leave or transfer to ET(ME) i have thought/looked into other specs but i feel ME suits me the best currently.

My only question is once I've finished my training what are the possible/most likely drafts i could get and time frame? I would obviously put in my preferences on JPA etc but i know from RM side of things they only go so far then it comes down to the 'common' drafts.

Also any other new'ish dits about being an ME that you think would be good to know.

P.s. i have searched but not found many new posts and just wanted to check what the up to date feeling was.



So as an ET, you will have the delight of 30 weeks at HMP Sultan and then you will join ship, you have a small say in your type of ship (small or large) and then you spend 2-4 year draft on that ship.
Very similar if you choose to take the MESM route and join the silent service, you'd join HMP Sultan, 33 weeks later go North (Faslane) or South (Devonport) for 10 weeks SMQ before joining your first boat, you will spend 2-4 years on a boat and in that time get selected for promotion and head back to sultan on LH's Course for 16months.

Hope that helps
any more info required just ask!



Thanks for the reply rob but i'm definitely not interested in MESM, in regards to putting in my preference for a small or large ship i'm after a actual location? Basically i am after a role that close as can be in the military guarantees me a draft to Plymouth/Davenport.


Thank you, I get that we can put preferences in, assuming it's the same as what we do currently in the RM. I was kinda hoping someone could give me a inclination as to how likely you are to get Plymouth if requested.

I also seem to see in my research a lot of recruits passing out of HMS sultan and going to engineer training squadron, from what I understand that just means a training aid ship to help complete your workbook, where are these located?

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