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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Trigger_92, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Currently doing some prep for my interview which is on the 18th. Ive had a good read through ninja's post here and so far ive covered;

    - All type of ships that are on the RN website.

    - Basic knowledge of what goes on at Raleigh (Basic seamanship skills, PT, Weapons handling, Drill, Teamwork etc etc. . . )

    - What goes on at HMS Sultan in phase two (Learn about machinery on ships; Anything from engines to air con units etc)

    - What ET(ME)'s do (Work on everything from Ships hull to Engines to Hydraulic systems. Firefighting teams, Damage control and RAS teams)

    - Pay

    - How soon I can leave. @ Basic once contract is signed and you decide you want to leave you must serve a further two weeks to see if you change your mind. And after 6months service you must complete minimum of three and a half years service before handing in your notice (Can someone please confirm this is correct as im unsure)

    Is there anything im missing that i really shouldn't be ?
    Ive only ever been for one interview and im not really comfortable with them :oops:

    Sorry if im being a complete tosspot, i just want to make sure i go in knowing that ive took on as much info as i can.

    Trigger :)
  2. Hi,

    That's pretty much all you need to know. When I had my interview, what you included here is pretty much most of what was covered.

    The rest is just down to interview technique and giving a good impression to the CA. Obviously, wear a suit, polish your shoes, be polite (good manners are important).

    Good luck!
  3. Cheers for your reply joe, the manners are a no brainer every time i pop into my AFCO and the suit shoes etc will be betting sorted towards the end of the week :)

    Trigger 8)
  4. Good luck for it, you seem to be well prepared.

    I was bricking it when i had mine but as long as you are prepared it is no problem. I got asked a question that i was unsure about and i said that i wasn't sure, don't try to bodge your way through, honesty is the best way.
  5. Yeah, im going to do that. If he ask's a question i have no clue about at all ill either say, ' im unsure or i dont know '

    I still feel im missing something though, i think im going to brush up on a bit of current affairs, what the navy are doing today etc.

    Hopefully that should be enough :)
  6. In case you haven't been using it already, Navy News has a great section detailing which ships are where at the moment. They have an online edition found at the top-right of their website.
  7. Or pick up a hard copy at W H Smith's.
  8. im subscribed to navy news :)
    Thanks soleil, thats very useful, ill get stuck into reading that :D
  9. Thats excellent soleil!!! cheers :D
  10. They might ask you your feelings on re-locating. That is unless you live in Plymouth, Portsmouth or Faslane.
  11. Unfortunately no, but that would be convenient :lol:
    Im not bothered, to be honest i actually cant wait to get out of here and start exploring the world :)
  12. Hey Trig, the one question that made me stop and think was, 'what have you done in your life you are embarrassed about?'. I didn't know where to start on that one!! 8O
  13. I pissed my pants during a karate lesson when I was 5.

    I still feel the shame now.
  14. About 12 months ago I was in the martial art class I attend. For some reason I had a pair of knickers lodged down my trouser leg. I done a front kick, and the knicker flew out hitting the person in the back of the head in front of me. I didn't tell my careers officer this one though. :D
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I've got news for you... :wink:
  16. Busted! :D
  17. Oh dear :oops:
  18. I got that one.

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