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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by damo567, Jan 1, 2008.

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  1. Right, I thought I'd put this one out there for a bit of feedback.

    As a CPOET(ME) (ex tiff) what are peoples thoughts on senior rates wearing ET branch badges? My personal opinion is that no other branch senior rates (stand fast legacy branches) get away with not wearing post PCP branch badges so why ex tiffs. I personally feel the ME branch is a bit disjointed and lacking in identity with most CPO/PO tiffs not wearing any badges, how is ET2 bloggins supposed to identify with those in his/her branch?

    So the upshot of that is I think all ET branch members should wear ET branch badges except legacy stokers and AB/LH tiffs who will become ETs on picking up their PO rate.
  2. ET2 Bloggins probably doesnt know where Cheeef Tiff sleeps so cant recognise him :salut:
  3. Cheers for the constructive feedback.
  4. I don't personally think that senior rates wearing branch badges would make much difference to ET2 Bloggins. Of all the things that might be hacking him off I'd say his boss not wearing a branch badge would be way down the list. I am speaking from a submariners point of view, maybe the closer proximity of serving in boats means the lads can indentify with us more.
    Having said that, if the powers that be said we all had to wear branch badges, I would. They pay me the same, I do the same job, what difference does it make if I have to sew a badge on my shirt. At least anyone who wasn't already aware would know I was a member of the master race. (WE). :toothy8:
  5. Why shouldn't ET(??) Feckwit KNOW those in his department after only a few weeks onboard?

    I think all ME Senior Rates (Standfast us legacy chaps) should NOT wear branch badges at all.
  6. Well an ET2 who sees a chief walking around in a pair of overalls every day will probably guess that he is an ME.
    If the chief is in 8s and sleep most of the time then hes either a we or a wu.
    ET's are supposed to be a bit brighter. Maybe this is just a quick test for them.
  7. Maybe ET needs to......Ring Home :thumright:
  8. FFS
    First they put apprentices into square rig then they demolished the trade/training completley. If not wearing a branch badge is the only thing left to prove your legacy as a member of the Tiff elite then hang on to that right.
  9. HAHA your funny
  10. Whats wrong didnt make the grade??????????????
  11. I made the grade :)
    Then I fcuked it off for the shite it was. :)
    Never been happier since. :)
  12. [/quote] Then I fcuked it off for the shite it was. :) [/quote]

    Can you explain this in English please.....I have no idea what you are trying to say :thumright:
  13. Yeah it's really shite, I'm gutted I was a Chief at 24 !!
  14. I'm sure we've all heard both sides of the tiff/stoker argument before. Perhaps we can put it behind us now that tiffies have been retreaded. As to the branch badge argument, I'd support the idea of senior rate ET's wearing the appropriate badge. Every other branch manages it.
  15. Clanky If the said ET entered as a Tiff then he should still have the right to not wear a branch badge. It was a B13's right to show his branch on his sleeve as much as it was a Tiffs not to. An Aftificer by definition is an artisan and was therefore a trade/branch all of his own. I also see Clanky that you chosse your original branch badge over that of an ET can I ask why?
  16. With that attitude I'll bet you made a great D.O. Or perhaps not.
  17. I fully agree with you Clanky - one of my pet hates was people wearing the old 'Ops' and 'Comms' badges after the legacy branches were fully integrated into the Warfare Branch.

    We all must move with the changes, regardless of whether or not we like them. There are no such things as Artificers anymore, you are Engineering Technicians and ETs have branch badges so wear them.

    As a CPO how can you enforce the standards of dress of your subordinates if you are incorrectly dressed yourself?
  18. There was no grade when i joined. I joined as an ET
  19. RabC There used to be an Artisan Branch (Plumbers, Blacksmiths etc) as well as Artificers.
  20. That might be something to do with the act that I'm not an ET ^_^;

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