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They are truly the best military band there is mate. My only issue is that, having served in the Falklands during the conflict and still serving in the Navy, is why was there a reception on HMS St Albans, last night without the presence of serving (Falklands) personnel from Liverpool? Similarly the concert tonight was in aid of Falklands veterans- but if you wanted to attend, you had to pay.

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In excess of £18M from the British public already went to 'good causes' arising from that conflict me hearty! Anyway, someone somewhere will inherit at least a civil honour from charging veterans to attend an event in their honour, so lets leave it at that.


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Halford said:
i sit here now, at my keyboard, Corps pattern tie on the desk, pussers rum and coke in my hand, haiving just seen the worlds finest military band perform. The CTCRM band played at the Phil in Liverpool and myself and a couple of oppos went along, it was fantastic. finishing with "A life on the ocean wave" (recorded on phone and soon to be my morning alarm ringtone) i was hit by a sense of pride that (even though i am just a rubber nod) i am in some small way a part of the greatest organisation on the planet.

To the Corps', and all who sail in her.

To the lads in Afghan and elswhere across the world, keep up the sterling work, stay safe, im sure you will continue to do this nation proud.

drunk speech over.


I must admit I've also enjoyed watching the Corps band in the past. Last time I saw them, it was RMB Scotland. They were fabulous. They also did a few Blues Brothers numbers which really did round off an excellent night.

Obviously we all remember them from our passing out pares etc, but I also remember them being exceptionally good, as always, at the Royal Guard I was part of in Poole in the mid 80's.

The emblazed drums were supurb.


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