Escort for Heroes, sign the No.10 petition


"The bodies of British servicemen and women killed overseas are flown to RAF Lyneham.

The hearses carrying the bodies receive no special escort once they leave the county of Wiltshire, normally bound for the mortuary at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.

It is an insult to these brave people and their families that their hearses should travel un-escorted on their journey through the country that these men and women served and died for.

The signatories to this petition request that the Ministry of Defence, in co-ordination with local Chief Constables, arrange for a formal escort for the bodies of all those Servicemen and women, unless the next-of-kin request otherwise."

It's pretty shocking that MoD/HMG have not taken the lead on this. Since the articles in the Daily Mail, Thames Valley Police have relented, but reluctantly. Please sign to ensure that the Government knows how you feel.


Lantern Swinger
Done with the greatest of pleasure and respect.
I remember travelling to the funeral of my Mother, and as we passed this spit and sawdust pub an elderly gentleman stood to attention at the pavement edge and doffed his cap.This really cheered me up.
I want this and more for all our returning heroes.
signed with pride
Thames Valley Police have already re-instated escorts from the Oxfordshire Border, they has reviewd the situation and decided to re-instate them from June however the last two heros had a full escort from Lyneham to John Radcliffe, but a petition is still a good idea

Also, went down the list of the last 500 signatures. Given that most would be either serving or ex-serving military people, and that, perhaps by default a third or at least a fifth would be RN of some sort, I was a bit miffed when I did not recognise one name! Or am I really that old.........

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