Escape taliban prisoners

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by daffy1, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. The sooner we get our lads and lasses out of that shithole the better.
  2. aaaand?????

    why bother posting on this then Finks?
  3. What else would you expect me to say, commend them on their ingenuity?
  4. Sorry mate.

    The point I was trying to make was that; do we know that the the Taliban were inmates? (errr.. probably)

    Are the rebels in Libya not Taliban? (or at least some of them?)

    This coalition is making a pigs ear of this. We should not be there.

    I know this was originally about Afghanistan but at the end of the day.........????
  5. I suppose it's too much to hope to ask our Forces not to take prisoners as they are helped to escape,just shoot the twats and if you have qualms think of the Talliban taking young boys behind buildings for their perverted pleasure.
    I'd shoot them and I'd detonate ALL found IED's,the whole shitty country is not worth another British life.
    I support them all but this country will never run itself as proved by this jailbreak.
  6. There were 6 Talib and a Mullah spotted on zer Zundcapp heading for Pakistan for R&R. It was obviously R&R because there was a goat riding pillion.

    On a more serious note > < good article on the need to bring the Taliban into talks.

  7. Good drills that rag-head. Not our judicial system so I think it fair to admire their audacity from afar.
  8. It makes sense and I am sure anyone with an ounce of CDF will know that bringing the Taliban into negotiations is the only way we can get out of there without having to slink away with our tail between our legs.

  9. ...without having to slink away with our tail between our legs again!
  10. How right you are, that's another fine mess our government has embroiled our Armed Forces in. It would appear that our country is destined to be led by complete idiots.

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