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Escape From Dunkirk



Channel 5 tonight, 1930 hrs - documentary on the allied troops escape from Dunkirk. Its a 30 minuter


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Thanks for the heads-up. Lt Bob Elkins RN (who had been Officer of the Patrol on mutiny night in Invergordon) ended up on shore comanding a mixed bag of men as the Germans advanced. When his men finally ran out of ammunition they somewhat necessarily surrendered. Rommel was rather impressed and sent for Elkins to ask why he had held on so long when there was not much to be had from it. Elkins' reply was "What would you have done Sir?" So Rommel sent for and split a bottle of wine with Elkins before sending him off to join the others as a PoW. As they ambled along it occurred to Elkins that this didn't feel right, and the time to do something was before the Germans got really organised, so he and another officer baled out into a hedge or whatever and eventually stole a boat and made it back to Hayling Island. A few years ago his widow showed me a small display case she had containing the contents of Elkins pockets when he landed (including a pusser's dirk). He ended up as a vice admiral in the 1950s.


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StixJimboRM said:
Channel 5 tonight, 1930 hrs - documentary on the allied troops escape from Dunkirk. Its a 30 minuter

Missed it bugger, didn't understand the nautical time 1930.
Thought that was the date.
You sailors :roll:
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