Erroneously promoted


War Hero
Bloody shame Mac.
Your erstwhile "colleague" seems to be desperately in need of some sort of complicated operation with a rag man's trumpet.
Chin up Mate!



War Hero
Mac that is one dirty trick! Your er' collegue needs 'dumping at sea' Oh hell your not allowed to dump rubbish at sea anymore are you!

Now was you a civvy you could leave and do them for unfair dismissal, not sure how pusser stands on that these days tho. In the old days if you got made up and it was because of a fcukup (your people can't read) you kept the rate unless YOU fcuked up! seems fair - your treatment doesn't Somebodies balls should be on the line!


Lantern Swinger
Mac - I take it you've asked your DO to do some PQ 'shuffle' to move you into a CPO's billet, and therefore qualify to be rated LACPO? Have you got the support of the CO - if so, this may be the easiest option. Every sympathy, shipmate - it just shows how shite the pay/promotion regulations are, when they are open to 'interpretation'.