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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by angry_mac, May 31, 2007.

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  1. Tis a sorry story, see what you think.
    As a 'mech' style Tif as long as you pass your CPO's board you then have to wait a certain amount of time before you pick up your buttons. Well having passed my board I knew I was in for a bit of a wait, i.e. 44 months from finishing course. So by the time I would get my buttons I wouldve been a PO for 7 years, fair enough I knew the score when i started Tifs course(ex POWEM). So when my DO interpreted 1066 in my favour, i.e.
    1. 9 months onboard
    2. Passed PQE
    3. Confirmed PO for 2 years
    I went to table and got my buttons. I knew that 1066 was fairly ambigious and was quite lucky with how my DO and ship's office read 1066. It looked like I would get away with it.
    Unfortunately unknown to me one of my colleagues who was on tifs course with me but now on another ship failed his board. The reason for his failure he said was that because he wouldnt get his rate for so long he didnt really try, yeah cheers :roll:
    So when he saw me with buttons, he flew into severe toys out the pram session. Kicked off with his DO who then really did some digging around. Who then discovered a little known DCI that said any time served on course as PO doesnt count, and it is 44 months from finishing course. Needles to say his DO got on the blower to mine and hence I was disrated back to PO after 6 months of being CPO.
    It looks like I might be able to keep the extra wages I got paid, as I was paid this in 'good stead', and Ive already spent it. Plus as JPA takes any extra monies off you by 4 days pay every month, i couldnt really afford to lose nigh 400 quid a month, every month for 3 months.
    So now I got to wait another 18 months, oh well, Ive lost my rate before.
    Back to not being believed by officers because im 'just' a PO, explaining to all and sundry how I lost my rate.
    On the plus side at least i dont have to go through that bollox of a selection process and subsequent years long wait until the next training year.
    Just peeved off with the 'that ******* dipped in so im going to do something about it' attitude of my former colleague.
  2. You should be able to keep the funds on the basis of 'promissory estoppel'. Rather than bore you with what it means, if you need help with using the arguement in a representation I can explain.
  3. We'll rules is rules and it's a shame to have to go backwards. From what I remember of the "rules" since you actually wore the rate and performed the duties of Chief you shouldn't lose the cash that goes with it. Small consideration I know.

    Seriously though - you still using the word "colleague" to describe this other guy? I mean he deserves a perfest 10 for dumping on his oppo.

  4. Notice you didn't say "A mate from tiffs course".
    What an effing twat!!
    Sorry to hear that Mac.
  5. This sounds similar to one of the many reasons I (and others) sacked mechs course in 2002ish. Pay 2000 particularly saw us off, 50 percent of the mechs in my intake withdrew from course. Maybe that was the reason they shortly after started rating scale A ratings the next higher rate when they started on course with no stopping of incremental progression
  6. what a wa**er he sounds - although to be fair to hom i would be screaming at my DO about it so if that makes me a c**t then so be it. i know a lot of others would be just as pissed as me
  7. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    A couple of things you may or may not have done!

    Checked that the DCI is still extant, if it's not then the 1066 presents the regulations. I suspect the DCI was released as guidance to an ambiguous statement in 1066. If the 1066 is still ambiguous convince your DO, CO and Promotion Authority that they are reading the rules incorrectly, get promoted again. All sounds simple to me :whew:
  8. If he had passed his board he may have been in a position to moan, but he failed.... seems very much like i was on the end of his sour grapes.
    Unfortunately chieftiff(i use to be one of those :confused: ) they have now ammended 1066 due to the loophole that i nearly slipped through.
  9. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator


    Oh well, at least you know what you have to look forward to when you rejoin the WO & Chiefs' mess (old men stinking of fags, booze and wee who do nothing but drip, you only have to talk to the other Chiefs though!)
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Now I understand the "angry" bit Mac.

    Not good mate, my sympathy.

    (Even if you are a W.E.) =(
  11. That fcuking sucks mate....condolences fella.
    What a cnut that guy is though!!
  12. Well, if you can't take a joke. (Sorry, couldn't resist it!)
    I think you've a green rub.) :(
  13. Bloody shame Mac.
    Your erstwhile "colleague" seems to be desperately in need of some sort of complicated operation with a rag man's trumpet.
    Chin up Mate!

  14. Mac that is one dirty trick! Your er' collegue needs 'dumping at sea' Oh hell your not allowed to dump rubbish at sea anymore are you!

    Now was you a civvy you could leave and do them for unfair dismissal, not sure how pusser stands on that these days tho. In the old days if you got made up and it was because of a fcukup (your people can't read) you kept the rate unless YOU fcuked up! seems fair - your treatment doesn't Somebodies balls should be on the line!
  15. Mac - I take it you've asked your DO to do some PQ 'shuffle' to move you into a CPO's billet, and therefore qualify to be rated LACPO? Have you got the support of the CO - if so, this may be the easiest option. Every sympathy, shipmate - it just shows how shite the pay/promotion regulations are, when they are open to 'interpretation'.

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