Erosion of Democracy


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Is our erstwhile Prime Minister eroding the British Democratic system of Government?

He started with jobs for the boys and promoting the shamed ex MP Mandelson to the house of lords.
Giving him the title of Baron and a high profile ministers position.

Now it is the turn of Neil Kinnocks wife Glenys, she will not be re-elected to the European Parliament, but no matter a place in the Lords is hers, again with an high profile ministers position,

To cap it all that loud mouthed aerial salesman Sugar is now to be elevated to the lords and yet another ministerial position is on offer.

Now I for one have had no opportunity to vote for any of these three individuals, none have been elected by the great British public, they have been thrust upon us by a certain Mr Brown who knows what we need and makes certain we get it.

Gordon Brown the unelected is slowly but surely interfering with democracy as we know it. :twisted:

I have never wished anyone dead in my life, but I think that the only way that this Prime Minister is going to relinquish his position is by croaking.


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I don't think GB is any different to those who came before him. He is just one in a (very) long line of those who surround themselves with their kindred spirits - and other associated sycophants. And the more they do that, exploiting their position of privilege (a duty, not a right in itself) the more they distance themselves from the very people they entered Parliament to support and speak up for. An abuse of position if ever I've one, and I cannot comprehend how they can hold their heads up with any sense of dignity or honesty... :oops:
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