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erm... a bit of confusion any help apreciated!

So seeing as the offices are closed at this time of night I am wondering if any of you can help me out,

I have been offered a place at Dartmouth on the 15th of January, or so I think, on the navy website when i log in on my dash board I have a few messages, an event for BRNC on said date and two messages, one is cancelation of the Recruit test (which has recently gone out of date) and one is cancelation of a place at BRNC, now I cant understand why that is there and I haven't had any contact to tell me any different from the original email to say I had a place so can anyone shed some light on what they think might be going on?

Thank you hugely in advance!
Odds are your place to start at BRNC stands but you may possibly need to resit the recruit test prior to entry as the test is valid 3 years and should be current on the day of entry.

Snag is, the armed forces have spent around £40M on a new recruiting software system and switched off the perfectly adequate system. The new system has more bugs than a termite colony and is "erratic" at best.

In short, I'd cease worrying about erroenous messages and simply call your ACLO or AFCO on Monday for clarification.
Cheers for the rapid reply Ninja_Stoker, I think it's just an immediate worry as (like everyone else) it's been a long slog to get here and iceberg been so happy after recieving hat email I just don't want to feel like I'm back at square 1, I'm sure a call to the ACLO on Monday will clear it all up!

That's the bit that hasn't really thrown me, as ive had zero contact since asking the contact at AIB about what they thought ignored passing AIB over rode the recruitment test (Afco said different) and thought someone would have emailed at least to say if it had been withdrawn.
Exact same thing happened for me with my AIB date. Gave the ACLO a call, turns out the new online system is running so unbelievably slowly that people are accidentally getting booked onto the same course multiple times, when they remove you from the extra ones you get an automated message stating so. If you still have an event listed for BRNC you shouldn't need to worry but probably best to phone the ACLO anyway.

While I was still on the phone, this was their attempt at adding me for a pre-AIB interview.
Cheers for that too Kelvin, yes I still have an event for BRNC with division and squadron details too, I think it must Be secure now, this has been a massively relief!!
:mad: @Ninja_Stoker defence cut money well spent on a new system that doesn't work to replace one that does, well done that man who was promoted before they realised it was crap, same happens to NHS:mad:

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