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Eric's Tales Of The Sea...


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Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Guardian Comedy Preview

Anyone know the guy? Or have seen his show? Can't find much on Google but word-of-mouth seems to indicate that he one to watch... :wink:


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Cheers, sunshine! :thumbleft:

So any old shipmates of Glenn Barrack? Apparently he served on onboard V boats in the '80s and '90s...


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Having watched the show yesterday I can confirm there was not one bomber dit related. Eric served on both Oberon and Valiant class boats. The show was very much enjoyed by the public and Eric has had rave festival reviews. I enjoyed the show, however having been an actual party to some of the related dits, my advice to Eric would be never bullshit a bullshitter shipmate. Keep it away from those that know the truth!!

Have a nice evening



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Passed-over_Loggie said:
suspenseful? Speaking the Queen's English as a second language, dear girl?
Never heard a submariners dit described as breath taking before.
Obviously an impressionable young lady!!


"Eric" is a personal friend but no name will be given!! He served on the same boat as me i the late seventies and is a naturally funny and gifted story teller.

I have yet to see the show but have heard good things about it.

Keep @em laughing Eric


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Ferrrk me!!

Obviously I haven't seen Glen Barrack for years and them saying he was an REM I was confused as the name isn't that common. However seeing his photy there with sm cap tally and that is definitely him. We did mechs course and DCB together. His last boat was a 'T' and he left as CPOWEA. I was also in 'O' boats at the same time and I don't believe he ever served on bombers unless maybe V boat building before he came out.
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