Erich Topp


War Hero
Erich Topp died on Boxing Day 2005. Strange that the Torygraph, normally on the ball with military obits seems to have missed that one. Otto Kretchmeyer died late 90s, car crash of all things was honoured with an obituary.

Topp like Kretchmeyer rejoined the German Navy when it was re-established in the 50s and made Flag Rank before retirement. Topp was posted to a NATO job in the US, quite something for an ace who torpedoed a Yank ship, the first of the war (actually a little before the US was officially in on it).

This obituary comes from SS (that's Steam Ship) Nerissa's website run by relatives of the survivors. Nerissa was a Topp victim but no bitterness is evident.

Rear Admiral Erich Topp