er ... am I missing something ...?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by golden_rivet, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. Call me a cringing winging pacifist B'stard if you like but er no this soldier's last wish wasn't to be a Daddy ... if it had been he wouldn't have got killed ... totally support the campaign but get a grip chaps ...

    Soldier's last wish ...
  2. You are making no sense at all, and nor are the people on the link.
  3. I don't quite understand what you mean when you say if he wanted to be a daddy he wouldn't have got killed.

    Sounds like your implying he had a choice
  4. I'm awaiting clarification, but I am first parading the outrage bus.
  5. I am fairly fluent in mong speak, I shall attempt to translate. I think the original poster is trying to draw our attention to the fact that the tragic squaddy in question, did not actively make a last wish to become a father as he wasn't expecting to die. I.e. he didn't awake one morning thinking 'fcuk me I'm going to die today, I wish I was a dad', therefore the facebook group in question is a load of arse.

    In reality the last wish the unfortunate lad probably made was something along the lines of a slab of cold beer, Cheryl Cole and a role of black maskers, just prior to going on his last patrol.
  6. I thought bullets and explosives were of the most singularly democratic family, they kill anyone. Even "Daddies"
    But as no story attached, like JJ confused as to what is afoot.
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  8. Can't see a problem myself. if the DNA proves paternity then simply go to court and insist that the fathers name is on the birth certificate.
    Oh and finally demand that some form of payment is made from the fathers estate. His daughter is his closest relative legitimate or illigitimate
  9. Success; I get it now, cheers.

    I'll hang the keys up and wipe the foam from my mouth.
  10. Doesn't work like that - as I understand it one can apply oneself to be on the birth certificate if you are the father but it is not possible on your behalf if you are dead. We are not in full possession of the facts so I think everything that anyone posts in pure supposition.
  11. So what happenned during the first and second world wars?
    There would have been an awful lot more bastardsaround if those rules had been applied
  12. I cannot comment on law that might or might not have applied in the early stages of the last century.
  13. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Here's a soldier who suffered just this fate in Burma: (following a Japanese attack) " ... The platoon corporal was dead. Two years ago he had left his fiancée in the family way. The child was now 16 months old. There was a very strict ban against anyone, whether officer or man, leaving the Theatre for any other reason than immediate military need. The corporal was eating his heart out. His child was a bastard. The Fusiliers had put his case up and it had General Stockwell's personal blessing and the Regiment knew that he had sent forward under his own signature a request that this corporal be allowed to go home so that he could marry his wife and then return to the Regiment in Burma." There must have been no end of cases like this.
  14. I think the point here is that the kid's mother is being a cnut and won't allow the soldier's name on the birth certificate, the dead soldier's family are obviously fcuked off about this and are attempting to get his name put on the certificate.
  15. Get real 2 deck, it's the soldiers parents that are causing the problem. Seems to me if the DNA proves the dead soldier is the father then the kid should be able to get his name on her birth certificate.
    Seems that the law once again is an ass.
  16. Ooops just read the second link. Yeah the parents are cocks.

    Quite possibly an inheritance issue going on here.
  17. Interesting thoughts - as ever - lads and lasses. My inadequately expressed point is that if playing Daddy is your aim don't do an effing job where you go and kill people ... or may be killed ...


  18. That's what I thought you meant, but then I couldn't believe that you were that skip-lickingly fucking ignorant.

    Nice of you to think that Article-8 of the Human Rights act shouldn't apply to soldiers. Dull cunt.
  19. Perhaps this is an object lesson of, if you want to procreate, get bloody married.

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