Equality in Veterans pensions


equality in Veterans pensions

Responsible department: Ministry of Defence

Veterans of the UK Armed Forces serving on regular engagements who left the service prior to
April 1975 having completed less than 22 years for Other ranks or 16 years for Commissioned
Officers made indirect contributions towards pension but receive no benefit in return.
Those who served for a minimum of 2 years beyond April 1975 are entitled to a preserved pension
pro-rata their service on reaching the age of 60, on the same terms as the pre-April 1975 leavers.

This is an outrageous injustice which Governments over the past 30 years have chosen to ignore.
The Government should rectify this unfair and unjust ruling with immediate effect.

I saw this article on the forces re-united site, it is definiteley worth signing, sorry I can't put a link
to it, ( computer illiterrate) I've just had my "tot" but if you go to

"e petitions equality in Veterans pensions"

it should get you there


War Hero
Been challenged, rejected in the High Court and rejected by the European Court of Human Rights.

An abatement is not an indirect contribution.

Some of those bleating about no preserved AF pension are those who dip in and get to retire on a State Pension at 65 (blokes) when the rest of us will have to wait. The outrageous injustice.

Pension rules- HMAF/Civil Service and other Public Sector/Private/State-change. There are more people wanting/drawing one and less money to pay for them.

Reminds me of the demand from some veterans that they be awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal.
The moral of the story is get out of the Andrew ASAP, and get, and join a final year salary scheme, or better still join a non contributory final year salary scheme:toothy10: if you can still find one:eh: an MPs scheme comes to mind!! Ps SD if you do your homework?? You will find before 75 they were not abated ISC
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