Equal Rates of Pay as RN (or not)?

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Here’s a good one for the mathematicians.

If you get a matelot that is in a shore billet – maybe even a PSI then he does not work 365 days per year.

There are 365 days in the year.

Jack gets 6 weeks leave – that’s 365 – 42 = 323 days.

In the remaining 46 weeks of the year there are 46 weekends. Let’s say Jack’s blue card and gets 44 of them off. That’s 44 x 2 = 88 days.

The number of days left is 323 – 88 = 235 days.

Now he may be a traveller, and get the odd make and mend. Let’s say that is ½ day off per week so that is 46 weeks x ½ day = 23 days.

That leaves 235 – 23 = 212 days,

Oh – 8 of these are bank holidays.

That leaves 212 – 8 = 204 days.

So where is this leading?

Well if his daily rate is £50 a day then his annual salary is 50 x 365 = £18,250.

….but he works just 204 days – equivalent rate of pay = 18250 / 204 = £89.46 for a day’s work.

So are the RNR getting seen off getting one days pay for a full days work? (especially with the travel over a weekend when you only get 2 days pay).

I look forward to some arguments on this – x factor, bounty, part time employment regulations, pension spring to mind.

I may also be a rubbish mathematician and I am sure someone will find the fault in the argument.
Hmm, if we are having it soooooo good "shipmate", then why are matelots (thats the REAL ones) leaving in droves ?

Oh, and why am I now getting paid less as a PO of eleven years than I was as a LMEM(L) since JPA ?
There is one huge fault in the argument concerning regulars, Jack is paid 24 hours a day, ashore or afloat, 365 days x 24 hrs =8760hrs

assume a salary of an average £20,000

£20,000 divided by 8760 = 2.28p per hour

As you are RNR be grateful you get paid at all, now explain to me again exactly how you are getting seen off? Read the Matelots remarks above.


I do not feel seen off - everybody has a choice. I am fortunate enough to earn considerably more than I would earn in the RN or RNR so therefore the invitation to join full time is not relevant to me (and probably most of the RNR). The post is merely to highlight the discrepancy in the statement that the same rates of pay apply to the RN as the RNR, an often quoted statement in much of the recruiting for the RNR and also the TA.

The purpose of the post was not a personal drip, I was interested to see what people thought about the argument.


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McGrew said:
The purpose of the post was not a personal drip, I was interested to see what people thought about the argument.

I think your argument holds absolutely no water whatsoever and if you don't like it, then you should fcuk off. Membership of the RNR is not compulsory. You do your set amount of days and if you don't like it, you don't have to stay in it. You can carry on with your regular job. Regulars however, have to put up with the 'needs of the service' 24/7.

I haven't been able to take my full entitlement of leave every year for the past 4 years.

I had to work on Xmas day. I did a 19 hour shift. There was 2 of us working. The other guy was a civil servant who lived locally. He worked for 8 hours less than me, got paid triple rate and got to go home for his Xmas dinner.

I, however, couldn't go home and my Xmas dinner was a fcuking sandwich. But, I chose to join the RN. I chose to do my current draft. And when I go back to sea, I'll slip back into a 6 hours on, 6 hours off routine as that's what my branch does at sea.

Pick your branch springs to mind. You'll get no sympathy from this callsign though.


the_matelot said:
............and if you don't like it, then you should fcuk off. Membership of the RNR is not compulsory...........

I agree wholeheartedly - everybody has a choice.

Now can we get back on the subject?


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Don't forget the Bounty. The RN don't get that.
One thing where pay matters are equal though. If an RNR receives a punishment of !0 days pay, for example. It will be payed in full, even if that was nearly all he earned in that year.


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Its my belief that the RNR is a rather exclusive club. As such members should not expect any payment. In fact to be a member they should require a sponser and be seconded. A vote should then be taken to ascertain their suitability for membership. If selected for membership then fees of £1200 per year should be payable. Fees should then be used to buy regulars in the RN beer!

Pass me my tin hat INCOMING!


the_matelot said:

If you feel so seen off in comparison to us regulars, why don't you join up full-time then?

i know i couln't afford the drop in wages. shame really. :cry:
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