Epilepsy when i was VERY YOUNG!!!

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by PaDDYtheIRISHsailor, Feb 18, 2010.

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  1. I had epilepsy when i waz very young. I've been medically cleared of this since the age of 9... now at 22 i'm healthy and fit. Will the Officers at my AFCO ruffle through my past records and declare me unfit and unreliable for my application as an AET. Would kill me if they told me to turn round get back in the car, head home and never apply again due to my minor past... Because we all know how harsh navy rules are.

    All replys greatly appreciated :)
  2. While not knowing the actual answer, I shall provide an opinion based upon my past experience of the Royal Navy and general common sense.

    You're fucked.
  3. I really hope your wrong...
    I dont give a feck i'll go anyway
    and if thats the outcome looks like i'm stuck with an exciting shitty life on a building site or dull workshop YEPPEEEE!!!!
  4. Not necessarily mate. Our Irish friend might have been subject to febrile convulsions as a child which I believe ceases around 5 years of age or continues on to epilepsy in some shape or form.

    I'm sure our smart arse doc will be around in a jiffy to give you a more definitive answer!!
  5. Thanks for that.. now my confidence is'nt completely shattered :)
  6. Don't get your hopes up completely mate and get a second opinion.

    I'm guessing your no longer on any meds or had any episodes since you were a child.
  7. Paddy,


    Epilepsy is mentioned here:


    but this is a question which needs an expert opinion.

    The person whose advice will be most salient is AngryDoc, who is a RN Doctor. He's pretty busy at the moment but will be doing his rounds on Rum Ration at some point soon; he will give you further advice then.
  8. Ye i understand it's always been on the back off my head since i decided 2 phone and start the proccess but i'm completely free off anything no meds or fits since VERY young... Well i do know that i'm completely eligible for a HGV licence as i waz going 2 do the test for that, and waz told it wud'nt be a problem... so if they thaught i waz going to take a fit and drive over pedestrians i'm sure they would have said no chance :)
  9. Hey thanks soleil, i'll get on the ball and send him a message
  10. Paddy

    I have already done that for you .....

    All you need to do now is wait for his reply.
  11. Reading your 'text speak' in combination with some avant-garde pornography has just given me my first fit.
  12. Cheers...

    Read that thread on this topic.. and its not looking so bad :)
    If i have'nt had a fit in a long time they will HOPEFULLY accept me if suitable in all other areas :)
  13. OK, so we have identified the classroom twat... I hope you took it while standing on the edge off a VERY steep cliff you twat..
  14. Paddy. I suggest you chill mate as joining the forces requires a sense of humour. As has been mentioned wait for the P.M from Angrydoc as he WILL be the man who will be able to answer your questions.

    Soleil. I see your replies are as lovely as ever!!! :wink: 8)
  15. Ye no probs thanks for the help, ya's are a good bunch :)

    And hopefully there might be a big trampoline at the bottom of that cliff jonna jonna.. No hard feelings :)
  16. I'm away from my references at the mo, but as far as I know a single seizure which was likely associated with a high temperature during childhood, which has not recurred despite the absence of anti-epileptic medication, should not prevent entry. Declare it (we will have a sense of humour failure if you don't tell us and we find out), but I very much doubt you will have any problems.

    Apols for the delay.

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