Epilepsy in the Afterlife

This is something I’ve thought about for a long time and always found quite difficult when it comes to finding information. During that long drawn out process of Medical Discharge, waiting to be bounced out because of Epilepsy, I was surprised at the number of other blokes I met in a similar situation, I wasn’t even the only guy on my flight being CASEVAC’ed back to the UK because of a seizure. For those that don’t know, the powers that be, in line with the general medical practice as far as I am aware, operate a two strikes and you’re out policy. My first seizure was during holdover after basic training, where yet again I wasn’t the only one! My second was about a year and a half later in Oman… just before I could get my KFC, sod’s law. For the rest of my time before I left I must’ve met half a dozen military personnel who were being medically examined for seizures and therefore suspected epilepsy. And I’m not just talking about those in the Neuro-wards etc, where of course you’d expect to meet plenty of other flids like me but just in the general sick, lame and lazy category waiting for the Medical Board. Anyone else here met other people medically discharged because of epilepsy? (Obviously please don't post names) Or was there just something in the Carlsberg that year? I’d be curious to know how many people get MD’ed each year because of it. And does anyone know if they still put guys in civvie Neuro-wards? Possibly the worst experience of my life, place was filled with raving lunatics, and the patients weren’t much better.


- Jimmy

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