Epic SCC Voyages

Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by Buccaneer, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. There have been a few of these if you would like to discuss please make a post here.

    Personally I remember:-

    1984 Tall Ships Race from ST Malo to Bermuda to Nova Scotia to Liverpool aboard Aztec Lady

    Earlier still taking the Captain Scott out from Buckie to Oman in the Middle East - I am sure there are lots more please post your memories here
  2. Went to Hong Kong with the SCC once, which was amazing to say the least.
  3. When - would you like to make a posting about your experiences for us all to read
  4. Tried regestering bit cant get in
  5. you have to wait for you activation e-mail which can take up to 24 hours , sometimes longer if you don't have a current pin number or not attacted to a SCC unit were your details can be checked, they allow the children to post as well hence the inhanced checks
  6. if you have no valid connection to the SCC you will not get your account authorised.

    Its to protect the children who are the main users.

  7. Rince mate, whats the score with ex-cadets then?
    I would be interested in registering if only to see how my old unit is doing :)

    Sorry to go Off Topic there :)
    Here's my input:

    Won a two week "voyage" on the Malcom Miller in 1986 (I was 16), starting from Ellesmere Port and ending in Southampton.
    Left Ellesmere Port and went to Cobh, close to Cork for a few days. Effing lovely place. was a bit chilly though so when we were invited to the (Murphy's I think) Brewery in Cork I popped my jumper on under my jacket.
    Anyway, we got there and had a look around etc, all very nice however, I was getting warmer and warmer so I took my jacket off.........
    To reveal the Royal Marines Crested jumper that was underneath it :D
    Oops, cue rather quick "Oi You, put that jacket back on!!" from the Instructors after a "quiet word" from der Management :oops:

    Oh, rest of the two weeks went just fine, apart from pucking my hoop up every day until the Doc gave me suppositories which worked a treat :D after which I worked in the galley.
    Got close to Southampton just as the famous Hurricane made an entrance. We busted one engine and dragged out anchor for 1.5 miles off the Isle of Wight. Got F15 in my logbook though as max wind ;)
  8. Good to catch up Lamri - i am one of City of Londons Instructors! - i am half London Area and Half Eastern Area

  9. Me and the missus met there [​IMG] 1985 I think!
  10. TS ROYALIST two years on the trot ,south coast ,channel islands and Cherbourg.I puked all the time.Skipper was an old salt called Capt Ulrich,played his guitar all the time. I still shiver whenever I think of the pipe ''bracing stations bracing stations''
  11. Ah Geoff Ulrich - the best Captain of Royalist ever
  12. Which always came just as you were getting comfy on the Foredeck!

    Got my Offshore Watchleaders, they've shortened it, so where as it used to take four voyages, it now just takes three! Standards!
  13. In my day it took 5, ;) har har.

    Nearly shat myself the first time I went out on the yardarm (I was a yardsman), but I got used to it and soon loved it... I liked going up and down the mast for the fun of it. :D
  14. Ahh Royalist, I love the yardarms, nothing can beat being on the Topgallant on the edge doing a Habour Stow in a nice strong wind, it looks alot higher up from the actual yardarm than it does from the deck! Mind in Nelson's day they didn't even have safety harnesses! Where is the danger eh!
  15. Yep - I to had 2 (week long) trips on Royalist in the 80's, I especially remember the Gally Chef CPO (had a very broad Brom accent).
  16. That would be John Bradnock - been in the ship since she was launched - got the BEM for service to the SCC many years ago - dont know what he is doing now.
  17. That's the guy, brilliant bloke.
  18. :toilet: Don't know much about the SCC but the Frigate I was on at the time (No names), was affiliated to an SCC unit up in Sunderland, we picked up a whole load of these young people and made off towards Amsterdam for the weekend, North Sea crossing over a couple of days saw them all green and puking but getting stuck into the cans big style.

    Once alongside in Amsters, they were let off the noose and told to go and 'enjoy' themselves !! One or two could afford the dubious delights of Canal Straza, the rest just got ringbolted, a couple had run out of cash so went from mess to mess begging and doing quite well as I recall and they even tapped up the Wardrobe for some cash. Not many virgins returned from that little trip.

    A very enjoyable few days for the SCC. :tp:

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