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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by BFC_69, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. Sorry guys, me again back with another bone question!

    Basically on my original medical I got TMU - A mix of overdoing the weights in the gym and overdoing the food and booze over the festive period.

    The target the quack set me I accomplished and got passed fit yesterday. I'm wondering now do I need to keep around that weight for Raleigh? Just dont wanna go back in the gym, start smashing the weights again only to be turned round and sent home on my first day?
  2. Mate you don't need to be 'big' for raliegh, you'll be hindering yourself just carrying around excess weight for no reason. function muscle is all you need, unless you're a poser in which case go for it and cause yourself unneccesary grief!
  3. I think that it would be in your interests, now that you have reached an acceptable weight, to maintain it as much as possible.

    Draw on the 8 week plan detailed here:


    Eat well - see here:


    Keep up with the football and rugby you already play.

    If you do want to continue with your gym work, speak to your trainer and explain that you need a routine tailored to your current needs, not one which will bulk you up and make you heavier.
  4. Thanks very much!

    I obviously plan to keep my running and other cardio up, its just cutting a long story short I used to be a hefty 24 stone... I have lost roughly 8 stone, therefore all I am doing is toning but this did mean I started to gain weight but looked healthier...

    Im not looking to turn into Hulk Hogan!
  5. I go to Raleigh in 10 days time. I am currently about 3 kilos overweight. Will they accept that or will I be kicked-out for being overweight even when I can do more than all the fitness standards?

  6. Hit the Tarmac, not the big macs.
  7. If you look heavy with muscle no dramas. If you're a tub of lard then watch out.

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