Entry to raleigh on hold????

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bex1890, Aug 27, 2010.

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  1. Hi, i sat my RT in may of 2009 and have been waiting since then for my entry date to raleigh, i got told it would be may of 2010 (thats now been and gone) then got told september 2010 (thats now almost here and still no sign of a date)

    I recently rang my AFCO again and spoke to my careers officer that gave hints that the navy have now stopped any intake for the meantime, just wondering if anyone can tell me if this is true and if so how long it will be until the intake to RALEIGH will start?!?

  2. They are currently freezing intakes from Nov 2010 until May 2011 (That's the current buzz)
  3. Does this mean ill be waiting an extra couple of months ontop of the normal waiting time because if they start intake by may 2011 that means iv been waiting 2 years now for AET.
  4. I maybe corrected but 2 years is the current waiting list for AET then + 6 months for the entry freeze.
  5. Buzz? It's a gen dit, safeguard.

    Bex, what specialisation are you joining as?
  6. Ok, thanks for the information :) hopefully its right and i get my date soon!
  7. Yeah I know but the gen dits always change who's to say it doesn't get extended?
  8. Quick question about the freeze.
    If this happens and no recruits come through Raleigh from November till May, What happens to 'spakers' like me in Stonehouse? Am I correct in thinking that if I dont make the last intake in Novemeber, I will wait in Stonehouse till May?
  9. I asked someone that the other day. :lol:

    EDIT: But I don't know.
  10. Im sure the staff at stonehouse will be better placed to answer this that RR.
  11. You had it easy in stonehouse! Opposite us Pellewers lol. There is a freeze as tommo says, with the budget atm looks like they're only building 1 aircraft carrier instead of 2.
  12. You're talking bollocks there.
    What they ARE considering doing is replacing HMS Ocean with one of them (ie; an amphibious helicopter carrier vice strike carrier).

    We will get those two carriers. We might have to sell our soul (like we have been doing for the past decade) to pay for them, but we'll get them. We've already made so many sacrifices to get the bastard things.
  13. Oh :roll: :roll: Children, wait for the SDR. and my bold 65,OOO TONS is rather large for a Commando Carrier :lol: :lol: , but what do i know having only served on Strike Carriers, at 35,OOO TONS
  14. You mean we aren't getting bigger commandos to go with it? ;)
  15. Hope we find out when we get back mate.

  16. Yes Bex, all entries post Nov 28th have been cancelled (government funding pulled). At the moment our allocator doesn't know the figures for 2011/12 and until he gets these he will not be allocating anyone to entry dates. My guess would be the earliest he will know this information is about Mar 2011.

    Unfortunately there are a lot of people in the same situation as yourself awaiting entry date.

    From what I understand Stonehouse division will still keep running as Raleigh will still be open for phase 2 trainees and people undergoing further training in both the Logistics and submarine training facilities. But yes I suppose you will then have to wait until the first entries in 2011 to continue with your training.


  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As SM alludes above, those in Stonehouse Division need to remember that they are still in receipt of pay & whilst it maybe frustrating having a delay in completion of training, the options are fairly stark otherwise, so the advice is not to opt out under any circumstances as the odds of re-employment in the short term are negligible at present.
  18. I imagine you will be doing lots of painting around the closed divs. That and maybe charity work. At collingwood i had a week stood down and we had to go help build a playground or something.
  19. I have no intention of PVR-ing whilst in Stonehouse. If fate has me stay in the Division until May, then so be it. I shall spend the months in between working hard on fitness and becoming a master at kit maintenance!!! No such thing as over prepared in my eyes. I want to fly though training with no problems once my injury has healed.
    I quite enjoy doing charity work with Navy. One week we had to do some car parking duties for a local school fete. I felt very proud walking round the school in my uniform and would jump at the chance to do it again :)

    Thanks to NS and Sol for the info on Stonehouse.
  20. I can confirm that the submarine school is open for business as usual.

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