Entry timescale for clearance diver?


Hi all,

I'm looking to join the Navy as a clearance diver and was wondering if anybody had an idea of timescales from initial interview to joining Raleigh?

I had a chat with my local careers adviser in October (he's an ex diver) and he said that if I thought I was fit enough I could be in just after Christmas!

My missus did 7 years in the medical branch and said it took her application almost a year to complete, so naturally I'm a bit confused?

I'd just like to know so I can gauge how much time I'll have to carry on with improving my fitness.

If any of you out there are in the same boat as me, or if anyone else can help, it'd be much appreciated.

I started my diver application in May last year, and recieved my security clearance 2 weeks ago.

I'm now booked on the diver's aptitude course on 21 May, I'll hopefully be in the next intake following that.

All in all it will be well over a year, as intakes are few and far between.
Thanks Obelix.

Maybe I should start the ball rolling now! The only reason I haven't taken it further than an informal chat, is because I don't think I'm anywhere near fit enough. I'm 28 years old and realistically I've only got one shot at the whole thing, so if I do fail, I don't want it to be because my fitness wasn't up to it.

Do you have a choice of when to do your fitness tests? What I mean is, can I start things moving and do my fitness tests when I feel fit enough?
I'm 27 now, will be 28 by the time I'm in.

You'll have plenty time to get fit if you apply now, the real hurdle is the aptitude course at Portsmouth, not the fitness test at the gym. The latter's on a treadmill, so you should breeze it even if you're not fit.

I've heard there are a lot of (relatively) older guys joining divers, not all your usual school-leavers, etc.

Go for it mate, apply and give it your best shot, you'll keep thinking back with "what ifs" if you don't!
Just been down the careers office and got my interview start of May, if all goes to plan I should be on the September acquaint at Horsea.
Could have got on the one in May but wanted a bit more time to get my fitness up.

By the way, not sure what advice you've been given regarding training/fitness levels etc, but the careers officer told me that you should aim to be running 3 miles in 22 mins or less (same as the Marines) and if you can get to that level, then the acquaint shouldn't be too much of a problem, (I'm taking that as pretty good advice seeing as he's an ex diver himself).

It's nice to know there's some older guys going for it too, was worried all the guys I'd be training alongside are 10 years younger!

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