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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by stumpyone10, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. Hi Everyone

    I posted a topic on here a few months ago saying I was considering re-enlisting into the Royal Marines Band Service and wondered if anyone knew whether my pension would mean I couldn't.

    Well it turns out that it is all ok and so I can go ahead and apply...however....

    It has been 10 years since I left the band service and in that time I have been a student (5 year degree course) and become a mum. I have put on some weight which I am now working very hard to shift but my question to you all is - what is the maximum weight I can be on application?

    I want to apply ASAP in order to secure a place on the May or July audition but I know if I go in now and start the application process the chances are I'll be sent for my medical before I am at a weight thats acceptable. It would be handy for me to know what that parameters are so I can work towards.

    I realise I am being ambiguous but I hope someone can help.

    Thanks all
  2. Dont quote me but I do think it goes on BMI more than anything, not weight. Standing by to be corrected though.
  3. They do check your BMI which is to do with height and weight. If you can get it within normal BMI you won't have any problems regarding that. BMI is gay but it's the standard. Exercise and eat properly, the weight will come off soon enough.
  4. but surely if your bmi is slightly high at the minute but you explained you have done the training before and just started intense training again and know the standards of the RM surely they may give you a bit more, but get of the forum dust down the asics from 99 and hit the road, seriosly just start the application soon as it will be a few weeks before medical even if you have to do 2 week keto diet just to get with in the weight range im sure that wouldnt be impossible
  5. Raffer, this is the second time you have given advice to someone regarding fitness to join. What are you basing your advice on? If your signature block is correct you haven't even entered basic yet, so I think you should be careful about giving advice about something you know little about.

    BMI is used as a screening tool so it should be as near normal as possible. If it's a few decimal points away then you may be ok, but bear in mind the tight recruiting climate we are in.
  6. giving advice on fitness in regard to basic entry i might not no too much about but fitness i know alot about, the lass is claiming she is overweight and unfortunately i dont seem hundreds of replies im just stating that if she gets out the running and has good nutrition she can reduce her BMI to an acceptable level. How else should she do it then boss ? i just thought the Marines may give her special discompensation if say for example her BMI is 30.1 and the limit is 30, but she has served with the RM before they may overrule it
  7. even though 30 is overweight i believe this to be the higher limit for the RN atleast
  8. :!:

    8O discompensation...... Even my re-cycle bin has just rejected that word.

    RAFFER - Unplug, turn in and go back to playschool tomorrow :roll: You may come back when all traces of play-dough have been removed from your digits

    If you are very lucky Angry Doc may have then forgotten all about your five-penneth of (cough) 'expert advice'. :wink:
  9. Are you an RNMO now?

    Seriously stop giving duff advice.

    If you fail your RNFT whilst serving you will come back and do it again. If you fail it you will do a medical which they do a BMI check and go on 3 months remedials, If you then fail once more you will have another medical and get a DO's warning, and it esculates upwards. (This came from the clubswinger who took my last RNFT this week)

    Your belief of 30 being the highlimit of the RN is bollocks.
  10. Thanks for all your input guys. I have spoken to ninja_stoker who has cleared it up for me.

    I know what I need to do in order to get it down, just wondered if anyone knew what the limit was so I had goalposts as it were.

    I've been in once, I know the standard required and I will be up to that standard in the time that I need to be! Its been 10 years since I was in though so it's going to be a long and painful journey!

    Anyway, better go eat some lettuce!
    Thanks again!
  11. I would suggest that if you raise you personal standards massively, and can stand naked in front of a mirror without being violently sick you're half way there.
  12. A pongo giving advice on personal standards? How comical. Back to fabrezeing your rig lol (yes i have seen it done and it wasnt even a 'crow')
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Girlie bandies.....legal sex with another marine just doesn't do it for me..... :wink:

    Fat munter or not.
  14. If dry cleaning is good enough for a Saville Row suit then it's good enough for me mate. 8O
  15. And you apply the same logic to showering? Shower in a tin?

  16. Fair point, well made! :)

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