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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by the_bear_thfc, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys just wondering if someone could shed some light into a possible problem that I may have.

    I have just finished my degree at university and have decided that my future lies in joining the Royal Navy as an officer. However I think i may have a slight problem with my grades.

    I currently have 9 A-C GCSE grades however maths is not one of them! I only recieved a 'D' (English was CC). Further more I have 200 UCAS points from my a levels (so thats fine) and additionally hold a Bachelor of honours in law.

    Therefore I am wondering if anybody could give my a definative answer as to whether the 'D' grade would be a complete bar to entry?! If it is, then the only possible solution that I can think of would be to re-sit the GCSE maths (which would be bloody frustrating both, financially and given my other grades and awards, not to mention the delay in my application!)

    Any help would be most appreciated!
  2. I'm guessing you may live in the London area with your name (maybe wrong). If so your best way forward is to ring the Officer Careers section at the London Office on 0207 305 2214. If you then talk it through with them they will be able to give you your options.

    It is noraml practice that you should have at least C in both English and Maths. However, sometimes there are options to take other grades into account.

    Best of luck


  3. I suppose it's a sign of the times that someone can gain a degree in law who doesn't even have the ability to understand Basic Maths and English. :roll:
  4. Hurdy hur hur. Or, maybe it's a sign that most school pupils didn't/don't take their GCSE's particularly seriously?

    I went to a failing school, cared very little about my education at that point, didn't revise, and barely scraped C's across the board. Six years later and I'm not far behind a first class politics degree.

    It's surprising what a bit of ambition can do.
  5. Full of yourself!! :roll: You have all the necessary qualities, to make an outstanding Snotty in the RN. :roll: Hope you take it more seriously, than you did at school in your formative years. Chequered Cock :lol: :lol:
  6. Just retaking an exam is not an option, they have to have been sat within a certain time frame of each other.

    You need to try and get an exemption as SM suggested, that really is your only option.
  7. And I suppose your ambition is to use your politics degree to enter parliament so that you can share in the expenses windfall :p
  8. Maybe if you looked beyond your own attempt to make a sneering remark, you'd actually see the point I was making. Y'know, that the attitude most people take in school is not the attitude they carry with them forever? Holy ****, people change! Shock horror and all that.
  9. Hey!
    I recently checked this up, and what is needed is a degree...doesn't have to be honours...just a degree. The grade is non-specific, so providing it's a pass, it's ok!
  10. :roll: What are you talking about? A degree is the one thing you don't need for some officer roles.

    You do need 180 UCAS points and five GCSEs (A* to C) which must include English and maths. Hence why the original poster is asking about his Maths GCSE grade!
  11. Who told you that all you need is a degree ---------- Wrong!!!


    :) :?
  12. Sorry, you're misunderstanding. Im saying just a degree because you can graduate after 3 years with an 'ordinary degree', or you can wait till 4th year and graduate with an honours degree. I was saying that it's just 'a degree' it specifies.
  13. Hmm. Do crap at school then get a degree. That could mean that school standards were crap, or that University standards were crap. You can't accept one side of the argument without at least acknowledging the other. It is a lot easier to get into Uni now than before, and there are lots of people with random degrees which qualify them to do sweet FA.

    TheBear - please educate me. What on earth is Bachelor of honours in law? I've never heard of that one.
  14. That's a good point...hmmm...

    Ach, I'm lucky. 'm backed up with good grades at high school. At university, you must be good at english, but I believe maths isn't as important (course depending of course)
  15. Doc
    We all know that this government has encouraged every young person to go to university.
    As many of the applicants are so academically challenged that they would never have been able graduate in the old days the Universities have introduced new subjects, unfortunately those graduating find themselves in possession of a Degree that no employer wants, letters after their name and an unhealthy amount of debt.
    These new graduates are however of the opinion that due to their mickey Mouse Degree they should now be offered highly paid positions.
    The Labour government has a lot to answer for.
  16. It is most certainly YOU who is misunderstanding!

    Honours has nothing to do with an extra year, most degrees are 3 years and you come out with an honours degree, the difference often comes down to pass mark, whether you do a dissertation, and various other criteria - but not length!

    Your strange Scottish degrees work slightly differently, in that you can do a straight 4 year MA/MSc, or you can graduate after 3 years with a bachelors degree (normally non-honours).
  17. Ahh. I didn't realise the English system was different. My bad.
  18. .....sighs - All that learning yet so little knowledge. :roll:
  19. Thanks for the reply and advice super mario. I phoned up the careers advisor down my local branch (Chatham, home of Nelson) and he basically said that you would have to resit your maths GCSE no matter what other grades or achievements i possess. So although i agree with you lonestar in relation to the laps / distant in time of the retake, that doesnt seem to have a barring. However as i phoned up anonymously i do feel that he just threw me off, i feel that if i went down and spoke to the afco that i have had previous dealings with, i feel that he would be able to guide me better.

    Additionally, slim, you just sound a very bitter twisted old man. One that sounds like he is waiting to 'pop his clogs', obviously slime by name but not by physique! Or could your username possibly be describing the 'probability' (pardon the mathematical pun) that you put you're brain into gear before speaking. Furthermore, 'pot kettle' where you have said I lack basic english capability. As I said in my last post that my English grade was fine. Maybe you are the individual that needs to go back and brush up on their reading and analytical skills?!

    Finally angrydoc, Bachelor of honors is just the same as bachelor of arts, bachelor of science. My degree was upperclass second (2.1) in bachelor of law (basically a posh was of saying 2.1 in Law). Additionally to say that it is easier to get into university on a whole is 100% wrong. To get into university to study lesser subjects such as American history or animal care then yes it is, as its a government money making machine. However to do proper subjects, like law, maths, engineering or things to do whith science its getting harder and harder. The more money the universities are getting from the 'mugs' that are doing the mickey mouse courses, they are pumping back into the University to improve facilities. This then consequently results in charging higher fees, and also deman higher entry requirements (higher ucas points).

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