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Hi all,

Quick question about the entry qualifications required for aircrew officer.

I don't have any A-levels. But I am currently doing an Access course, which is designed to get me to the same level as A-level students, for university entrance. As I thought going to uni first might help out with getting in. But at the end of uni I'll be nearly 26 and therefore to old to join.

The guys at the recruitment office didn't have a clue if it would count or not, and would have to go to the guys down in Gosport (HMS Sultan) to check out.

Just wondering if you guys know anyone that has entered with an Access course and no A-levels, or know if they accept it?

I would have thought a swan down to your local Naval Careers Office would supply factual answers and give you the opportunity to ask the obvious plethora of questions you must have if facing this type of decision.

Or wait around on here and our two CA's will be along after they finish work and point you in the right direction.
Wouldn't think so, if you read the entry requirements properly they state the need for 2 NON-OVERLAPPING subjects, an access course in most cases covers only one subject in any significant detail.
Thanks for the replies.

There are quite a few units in my Access course, so they may be classed as non overlapping. I will have a chat with the guys at the careers office next week to get a better picture.

units such as:

Politics, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Research Methods

and the list goes on, about 15 differant subject units covered.

It does say 180 UCAS points, and Alternative qualifications may also be considered.
But if it means doing some extra courses, I'll just have to do them.
Is there any way of joining up without the qualifications and moving up to that position within the navy? without having to do them at home before joining?


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At risk of being the harbinger of doom, it's extremely unlikely an access course will be accepted in lieu of A Levels.

The only way to be 100% certain is to take copies of the unit modules to your AFCO for verification by the AIB, however be aware that the chances are slim to none.

Good luck.
Just an update, in case others are in the same situation and need an answer.

Access to Higher Education diplomas are not accepted in lieu of A-levels.

so choices are to finish the access course, and then start some fast track A-level courses over one year.
Or do 2 A-levels in evening classes while doing my degree. Happy days! :?

Ending up on the one hand with an earlier entrance (If I get in), or on the other hand, enter with a degree and get direct grad entrance.

How much of a difference does the grad entrance make on the career?
Apart from the starting salary...

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