Entry into the Royal Marines


Apologies if I'm being tedious. I originally started off a thread elsewhere on my own particular situation:


but now feel that it may be more appropriate to here. My most recent posting on the subject is reproduced below. Any advice or pointers greatly appreciated.

Hello again after a long spell away from Rum Ration. Am breathing life back into this issue on account of recently recieving a definitive and final 'no' answer from Sandhurst regarding my request to be allowed go forward to the Commissioning Course after my false start in 2004.

Subsequent to this most recent communication from the RMAS I have contacted the DNR office in London - having received no reply from Belfast for some reason - and am told that I am eligible to apply as a RM Commando (though I am ruled out of applying for a commission). After this, I completed the online 'Expression of Interest Form' and am awaiting whatever I am to be sent.

Although 31, I am in pretty good shape and health for my age, and have recently begun a regular and incremental fitness regime, as I am very much aware that this is going to be the determining factor if I am to have any chance in relation to the Royal Marines.

Has anyone got any particular advice as to who I should be talking to or what steps I should be taking in advance of formally entering the application/selection process?

Thanks in advance.


I've received word back from the DNR office in Belfast to the effect that after I fill in some paperwork, I'll be booked into the 'RT test' - am I right in thinking that this is the Aptitude Test referred to on the RM website?