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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by firstascent, Sep 7, 2010.

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  1. Hey all,
    Passed my selection interview today and once my refs/ security clearance are done thats it until I go to Raleigh. My question is that I thought waiting times were taken approximately from the time of your RT test. I was told that my AFCO will start bidding for my place from today but the max waiting time I was expecting has started all over again. I did my RT 3 months ago and I was expecting 12 months from then but I was told today that its 12 months from now.
    They did however say that as I'm going for CH Logs (SM) there is every chance I could go earlier but I feel like the clocks been wound back a bit - is this normal?

    P.S - I vowed never to try and post a question that someone had previously but after looking I cant find the info I need - sorry if its there somewhere.
  2. You havent looked very had. Raleigh is closing for a period of time as the forces are more or less full. So any time you were told months ago is likely to have had around 6 months added on to that. At the moment it would seem waiting times are very much up in the air for everyone.
  3. Hey fair cop, I looked at a dozen posts relating to entry times. Thats still a dozen more than some though
  4. I've heard a few people say their applications have been cancelled. Not sure if this is true but it seems that nothing is certain for applicants at the moment. Hopefully the SDR will shed some light on what the future holds for us.

    Fingers crossed they don't start dropping applications. :p
  5. i wouldnt get too hung up in the waiting times, there an estimate and always changing when your time comes you will know and it will be worth it im sure ive been waiting 17 months and was hoping to be in next month not gonna happen though as i only got rnacn on 18/10 so i hope for the may intake
  6. First ascent were you in the guildford office today? If so why didn't you ask us?
  7. Yep that was me. I was just really happy and elated to have passed my interview to be honest, it wasnt until I got back home that I started thinking about it.
    My first instincts as soon as I had found I had got through were to let my family and friends know and asking negative questions at that time just didnt really occur to me.

    PS - I've just read back my first post and although I can see that it could be looked upon I'm whinging - IM NOT, I'm over the moon with things, I was just getting a bit of informal info thats all. Its no big deal, If it takes longer, it takes longer - this is what i want to do, so waiting does not matter.
  8. You going up to HMS Caledonia? Thats the same RNAC as me. Been waiting around 17 months as well.
  9. Your entry date is taken from your RT date and this is regardless of when they actually bid for you. All waiting periods have been extended by about 6 months due to no Phase 1 entries from the end of November until about May time. You have not been seen off in any way shape or form.
  10. Yeah - you tell 'em Drakey!
  11. Your entry date is taken from your RT date and this is regardless of when they actually bid for you. All waiting periods have been extended by about 6 months due to no Phase 1 entries from the end of November until about May time. You have not been seen off in any way shape or form.[/quote]

    Thanks Drakey, all the info I needed. I'm going back to my celebrations now!
  12. Congratulations mate :) Welcome to the waiting game ;)
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I think, to be fair, it's hugely frustrating for all concerned.

    First & foremost the applicant cannot be given any realistic timescales (whilst appreciating we can only "guestimate" anyway)

    From the AFCO perspective we understandably get inundated with calls enquiring what's going on and end-up having to apologise for a situation that's completely beyond our control within the Armed Forces.

    It would be difficult to apportion blame for the current situation, but it most certainly isn't good for those employed in the service wondering about their future employment, whilst trying to pacify those wondering if they can actually get a job in the service in the near future.

    To precis: Whilst of little consequence to those yet to be recruited, rest assured those recruiting are equally worried.
  14. yeah i sure am i cant wait for it now should be good just a 5hr train journey, what you after going in as
  15. I totally agree Ninja, Keep smiling that always worries them


  16. I called this morning and was told that as long as you are already in the system you are fine, they wont cancel your application...you might just have to wait a bit longer.

    I did my RT in October and I'm still looking at another year of waiting.! It is frustrating but if you really want it, it's worth the wait.! :)
  17. I also did my rt back in October as an NA AH, I'm contemplating changingn my application to Royal Marines :)
  18. Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it. :D
    While looking at a long wait to get in can seem soul destroying, unless you're really motivated to pass applying for the Corps may prove counter productive.
    Although you'll get in sooner, if you don't pass out for any reason you'll be on the outer with all Arms of the Forces.
    In a nutshell, be very sure that you can handle the physical and mental(I'm not joking :D ) demands of RM Training.
  19. extra long waiting times aint necesserly a bad thing...long waits mean that only the most commited of wanna be rates will hang in too the end, and all the people who are looking for a quick fix recession beater will drop out at some point during there wait...and everyone who joins will be super fit and properly prepared for raleigh

    just trying to turn negatives into positves.

    but yeh long waiting times are ****
  20. WS (HM).

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