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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by tobyg1985, Feb 26, 2010.

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  1. Evening all,

    I went in to see my local recruitment chap and had an initial discussion about applying to be an warfare officer, and mentioned my age which is currently 25 (in jan) and asked if I was too old as the limit is shown as 25.

    My 1st question is, is this limit your age on your initial application or the date you will potentially be at BRNC? I didnt think it would be an issue until now as Ive just read about the potential time delay on offers to go down to BRNC!

    Secondly, Im currently getting my fitness up to scratch as I stopped playing rugby before uni and have been hitting the drink too much since then. Looking to send the forms off when I am under the required times for the fitness. However, would you advise me to apply now whilst I am hitting the gym? My 2.4km time is currently 13m28secs (needs to be 12,48 for my age group)? How long will the average time be between sending my forms in and actually doing my PJFT? Im not concerned about making the fitness grade as I am not too far away and really want this, just concerned my PJFT will suddenly come round before I am ready to do myself justice!

    Hope some of you can help, appologies about asking the same questions you have seen a million times this week!

  2. Well you have sort of answered your own question, you have said you are aware of the long timeline so logically it would be wise to get the ball rolling now.

    You could be looking at over a month before you can do the initial testing at the AFCO, that is after your forms have been processed, so maybe 2 months. Then you have to pass the medical (you said you had been on the booze and not doing sport, how is your weight??) before doing PJFT.

    You will have to hope for a September date due to your age - this is the most competitive entry of the year due to school leavers, graduates etc. Plus getting an AIB date in late summer is tricky due to Welbeck entrants, RM candidates being rushed through in time for YO intake etc.

    Not meaning to put a downer on it but you're pushing the limits time wise. You need to get the forms in ASAP, stress how urgently you would like a date for the RT (making yourself available for any AFCO space in your region might help) then hope everything else goes quickly.
  3. Hello Toby & welcome to RR, emphatically an Unofficial site. It seems apparent that lonestar does have some recruiting expertise (which will be doubtlessly be further enhanced after his own entry into the RN soon :twisted: ) but we do have two serving AFCOs who clock in here quite regularly, they will give you the correct chapter & verse.

    In the meantime, please can you clarify:

    1. "Currently 25". So your 25th Birthday WAS during Jan 2010?

    2. If you told the 'local recruitment chap' that fact, what was HIS response?

    3. Have you considered scanning the Official RN Recruiting website for the answer to your query? If not, why not?....

    After all, a potential Officer needs to show some initiative, don't you think? :wink:

    Bob (Rtd. That is R'tired and/or R'tarded)

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