enough gay stuff

Is it not time that this thread was put to sleep? 8 pages of the same old stuff. Perhaps that may be one of the reasons people wo`nt post, repitition, not only on this thread but on others too. Let it go.


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Fair point HTP, it's all just about been covered. No need for anymore.

It would be nice though if some of the other members of RR contributed a little more to the forums and perhaps we'd have a wider range of topics to discuss. Instead it's the same old faces time and time again. At least we have a good idea of each other's personalities, what grips and amuses us.

By the way Hig, this French bird you shagged... :thumright:

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But do we consider that some of those regular members/poster are very quick to jump on the wagon with insults, it wasn't so long ago that the newbies section had a few problems.

Maybe if we all stop to think 'this is the ............(newbies/fleet/RNR) forum, someone is asking for advice, would my post be relevant?

So, this french bird........she shave?


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dunkers said:
8 pages, that's ENOUGH isn't it?, FFS.

How many other subjects get as many replies as the gay debates?
Very few as far as I can tell.
So why complain, because members have fairly strong feelings on the subject they reply instead of just reading the comments.
keep it up.
Now can we have one on lesbians (with photo's) please

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