enough already!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. Wasnt really sure where to post this - so plonked it here!

    Apologies to the old timers, serving, and those genuinely interested in joining- but here we go (dons kevlar, and shelters from incoming..............)

    It seems, from looking at several posts over the last weeks we are getting inundated with idiots, walts and civvy authorities on the RN!!'If I am wrong I am happy to be corrected - but how can civvies give advice on naval procedures, or joining up etc, why do certain people keep repeating things already covered - and why do long term members get slated for daring to question these morons??

    If your a civvy please appreciate there will be things on here your knowledge will give you no help with, if your a walt- piss off, and if your joining take the time to read the newbie thread!!

    Rant over ----------------------------- for now!! No doubt a few will bite at this!! :threaten: :threaten: :threaten:
  2. ooh, can I have your babies? :) :)
  3. I agree my dear. You dont class me as one on your hate list, do you?
  4. Fair comment BH no incoming from myself
  5. guys not at all- but certain members are "gripping my sh1t" so to speak!!
  6. Who is on your hit list? It's name and shame time.

  7. Well said Brazen :thumright:
  8. No need, they know when they are being spoken to ;)
  9. :censored: :censored: :censored: :angel12: :angel12: :pain10: :pain10:
  10. Can I take my skid lid off? (It's actually a spitkid, it's the first thing I grabbed.)
  11. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    so the length of time signed up to RR is directly proportional to your ability to give advice..... interesting theory......
  12. think you missed my point babe - old timers was not meant to mean time on rr, but ex bods, -- oops!!
    bloody killick see - not good at expressing what i mean xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :w00t:
  13. That's me fcuked then :mrgreen:
  14. ARGH___________ locatino --emmas???

  15. What? I've always thought it as quite a classy establishment :mrgreen:
  16. And so it is, classy a fcuk :w00t:
  17. Not a serving bod but currently contractor working for Mod (Now ducking for incoming). I have some time served in another arm of the Forces, if I do give advice, it is my opinion and not fact - I do not know everything (although dont tell the OH that).

    Am happy to swop ideas, insult, be insulted and have a laugh in here. If I do say anything when people ask about joining up etc, I try to give a common sense answer - if that offends someone well sorry for that as I is a man and apparently not perfect (again dont tell the OH).
  18. Common Sense... We dont want too much of that, it may be catching...
  19. Dolphin Code 146
  20. what is a WALT?

    i guess its NOT a good thing :[

    im technically not a Civviiii anymore, awaiting RM RT so i'm coo?


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