English to vote on scottish independence ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by flatbackpinky, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. Now we have the jocks asking for a conversation on whether they should break away from the union should we as English have a "conversation" and vote to kick Scotland out of the union ? One benefit of a breakaway Scotland is that they would get their politicians back and finally answer the West lothian question
  2. But just remember one thing, these things are a two way street. Scotland could vote to eject England from the Union.
  3. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    In 1707, to bail out the totally incompetent Scotch government which had blown a third of the entire wealth of that nation (= 3 sheep) on a totally mad colonial experiment in Panama, we BOUGHT Scotland. Therefore it is English property, heather, rocks and all, and we decide what happens to it, not those we pay to go on living there.
  4. Woohoo!

    Bin the MacSpongers :D
  5. Bin 'em and all my english money can be spent on my fellow Englishmen!
  6. It's a non-starter as it seems England needs Scotland to run the place for them. Just look at the disproportionate number of Scottish ministers in the government. :D :D :D

    (putting kevlar hat on, retreating to foxhole...)
  7. Hmm... and look at the smashing job they have done!
  8. Yeah and just look at the disproportional number of votes the jocks get per capita.....

    More people live in the west midlands than Scotland. No wonder we have scottish government. It's only jock votes that kept Labour in power last time. The english don't want them
  9. As a "MacSponger" it's quite dissenheartening to read this rubbish.
    The most recent polls in Scotland show that not even a third of Scots want an independent country.
    Some of us are quite happy serving alongside our partners in the South even though quite a few of them have to go through the daily jibes and banter that is dished out to them, it still doesn't stop them wanting to serve in warzones and fight and give their lives to help protect the U.K. and ALL of it's citizens.
  10. lol We give you Labour but don't trust them to run Scotland any more ain't that fun! Its not gonna happen the SNP have only a minority so they won't get it thru Holyrood. You've got us forever!! Now bugger off and have a real drink not that p***y Plymouth Gin but a Whiskey!
  11. Some of you English are a bitter and twisted lot.

  13. Nutty, How could a break up of the union suit anyone with even a modicum of CDF?
  14. Those of Celtic origins seem to blame England for all their historical woes, so here's our chance to redress the balance a little :biggrin:
  15. The residents of England
  16. I would be interested to know how you are in a position to speak for all the residents of England?
  17. As an RN pensioner I would imagine that Nutty pays tax at source. This being so are you denying him a voice.
  18. I fail to see the connection between paying tax and knowing the opinions regarding this issue of all the residents of England. :confused:
  19. I'm with Junglie on this. Most Scots don’t want the break up of the union, as with anything else the minority seem to be listened to by the media and papers like the Sun who have separate editions for Scotland and England likes to play one side against the other bringing anti Scottish and anti English feelings.
  20. OK then as a resident of England with two Scots kids I would have no problems with a completely devolved Scotland. It's my belief that the Scots are more worried about devolution than the English. How long wil free tuition fees last and some of the other extras handed out which the English are not party to without British funding?

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