English Subsidy of Scotland

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by redassnotdragass, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. The Calman Commission will now examine if the £30billion annual grant from Westminster, calculated using the Barnett formula, should continue in its current form.

    This allocates more than £1,600 more per head of public spending north of the Border than the UK average, leading to complaints from English taxpayers that they are subsidising the Scots.


    This annoys me greatly. No suprpise that most of the front bench is Scottish. And no surpise that the new carriers are to be built in Gordon Brown's constituency. Added to the Scottish MPs ramming through Bills that only affect England means we're just being laughed at by those North of the border.

    We (the English) seriously need to get rid of this government.
  2. You (the english) need to get a life!!!!
  3. Time to rebuild the wall lol

    I can think of numerous reasons to get rid of this Government!
  4. Dont forget footing the bill for the Irish light house and bouyage system mantained by Tinity house.
  5. Its English.............and you need to stop being a whore.
  6. send them all back
  7. Mind you the good citizens of London get even more spent on them, and that was before they started bailing out the banks and building societies, and charging 2012 taxes on those who will not benefit.
  8. Can you could find some statistics to back this claim up, from reliable source?

    Here's what I found:

    While spending per capita in London remains the highest in England, it is lower than Northern Ireland and similar to Scotland....
    Looking at a wider southern region, including London as the metropolitan centre, spending per capita is actually below that for the UK as a whole.....
    Public expenditure attributable to London is less than the UK average in terms of per person employed, and also relative to the personal disposable income of Londoners. In terms of spending relative to GVA, London receives almost 25% less than the UK average in 2006-07.

    From: BNET United Kingdom http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa5296/is_/ai_n28081292

    In terms of the Banks, I think you'll find that both HBOS and RBS won't be shedding many jobs North of the Border but Halifax and Nat West will shedding plenty.
  9. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    redassnotdragass wrote;
    This will come as a surprise to Gordon Brown, Willie Rennie, R Adm Bob Love and many others.

    First of all, the carriers will be built 'all over the place' and assembled in Rosyth, second, the MP for which is Willie Rennie, not even the same party. Some in Broon's constituency will benefit but that's not the same thing.

    and you have the neck to ask of Maxi:

    Where do you get your information?
  10. Here we go again. =)
  11. Don't say that FN, I had me shovel all ready and now you've spoilt it, no point in saying anything now. :rendeer:
  12. Would that not also be of use to British shipping?
  13. Are the English going to forego all that Scottish oil and gas money then? :laughing1:

  14. :brave: Now thats an idea :whdat:
  15. Yes and this Northern Mafia are also guilty of racial prejudice too, They are talking about bringing in restrictions and legislating to restrict the growth of Lap Dancing and Pole Dancing clubs but there's np similar restrictions mentioned about Scottish Country Dancing. Typical Racialist Jockinese Gestapo.
  16. I would refer you to


    which clearly points out that as I said there is considerably more spent per head in London than anywhere else in the UK, and perhaps disgusted of Farehan would do better looking for more cash from this source than anywhere else. As ever the bulk of the citizens of En=gland are being shafted by their own MPs.

    I would suggest your supposition about HBOS is perhaps wrong, firstly the H stands for Halifax, and HBOS was run into the ground by the Halifax executives who took over running the bank after the merger, and any way now that the good Mr Broon has given HBOS to Lloyds where do you think the job losses are going to be?
  17. The Jockinese need to get a job… :thumright:
  18. I used to get pissed off with these threads that blamed everything on us Jocks, but now I look forward to seeing them, because it means there is very little news and that means no British service personnel have been killed in Afghanistan. So keep up the Jock bashing.
  19. Got a job, but could do with being made redundant.

    :w00t: :w00t:

  20. Didnt Maggie T shut down Scottish Industry, I seem to remember when the Scots wanted to have her own Parliament (again) Maggie says fine but they will be no jobs for them then shut their industry down.

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