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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by hobbit, Oct 28, 2006.

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  1. There is a thread regarding English servicemen transferring to the Australian services I believe but I couldn't find it so forgive the new thread. I recommend this to anyone as the conditions are great. I refer in particular to the RAN and the submarine service as an ex RNer and submariner, don't know anything about the other services.One other thing I would like to repeat, if anyone can round up enough ex Ghurkas to form a regiment out here please do it and send 'em out. I believe they were given a hard time by the UK government and I'm sure Oz would welcome such a band of warriors with open arms.

  2. Just English servicemen is it, Jocks like me not wanted ;)

    There have been ads in Navy News recently advertising exactly what you are describing here, i.e. the opportunity to transfer to the RAN or the RNZN.
  3. No offence intended but I suppose I was looking at the services as English, shoulda been British, who knows these days. Anyway Jocks for sure, anyone in fact. Australia is short of servicemen it seems but whatever you are think about it, great country
  4. Interestingly the Aussie I work with tells me there are an increasing number of ex Australian servicemen transferring over here too. A case of the grass being greener on the other side?

  5. I find that hard to accept with no offence to your Ozzy mate. This is so because conditions here are so good so why go overseas? Whatever the case it is still great in Oz for the service men and women and their families

  6. An interesting comment in the news today headed, " No pollies children in military". The comments from Australia's former top militery officer ," asked whether the nation's politicians are more comfortable sending other people's children to war than their own".The former military chief of the ADF " asked why more federal politicians' offsprings were not in uhiform, saying he knew of none at a time when a stretched military was deployed in more theatres than at any time since WW2".
    " Name me one politician who has a son or daughter in the Australian Defence Force said Admiral Barrie, who has a son in the Royal Australian navy, 'I can't think of one'." " Do politicians think a career in the ADF is suitable for their son and daughter?Are Mr Howard's kids involved in the ADF?.When he commits the ADF to operations does he think about his own kids being safe,maybe.I don't know."
    An opposition defence spokesman when he attacked JohnHoward's Iraq " stay the course" position. He continued, "Indeed for the politicians who use this rhetoric, I don't see them anywhere near the front lines in Iraq risking their lives and I don't see their son's lives at risk in the front lines either."
    The report then referred to the ADFs struggle with a major recruitment challenge. Then this, of interest to would be recruits. " Senior ADF recruiters want to offer big cash bonuses- perhaps $A 100000 upfront and the same after completion of a qualification period- to lure technical specialists in a competitive market. A new big budget advertising campaign is also proposed".
    So far no response from the PM, surprise surprise. Looks good though for any techos. Wish I was of that age and there's no Dads Army here.

  7. My mum's cousin transferred from the RN to the Aus Navy a good 10 yrs or so ago. He was an Officer at the time and had great oppotunities to progress his career. I am sure he has now left, has also continued an outstanding civvie career from what he has gained out of this.

    So yes, I'd actually agree that if you have the chance, do it.

    I also have heard that there is a 6 month exchange programe with the Aus Navy that is up for grabs :wink:
  8. Not quite such massive dosh over here in blighty but at the moment it's £1000 bounty to any marine that recruits a guy that's still on the commando course at week 15 (half way stage)
  9. [ " Senior ADF recruiters want to offer big cash bonuses- perhaps $A 100000 upfront and the same after completion of a qualification period- to lure technical specialists in a competitive market. A new big budget advertising campaign is also proposed".

    Sorry Hobbit, I was responding to this part of the post but forgot to quote you! doh

  10. It's only four months sadly and runs from end of May to the begining of September it's called 'Longlook' and there are 20 places a year for the RN. There has been a shortage of volunteers for this for the last 5-6 years.
  11. DUNKERS - can you post a link to one of those navy news ads - I couldnt find one.........thanks.
  12. F169, I do not have a link but there is such an advert on page 36 of this month's Navy News.
  13. Hobbit - this thread's title is dangerous to Health. If my Scottish partner catches me reading it...........

    Moving your family to the other side of the world is a big decision and one not to be made lightly. If you and your family have done a tour abroad before, EG Gib, Germany it will not be so difficult. If you are single and your parents are healthy its easy!

    For those with kids in their teens it is more problematical. I know one family who have struggled. He loves it and his wife and kids - teens) havent adjusted after several years. However, he is the only guy I know who still has issues (we dont use the word problems in OZ!) - out of at least twenty ex Brits in uniform in the 3 services that I have met. The education system is better than the UK state system (at the moment) and for those who want their are a lot of private schools and they are cheaper..........

    There is absolutely no problem for the serving member in either professional or social terms - the RAN is just like the RN - except the conditions of service and attitudes are better. Unlike the RNZN, 'real' Aussies do not have a chip on their shoulders about Brits joining and are very welcoming - if you are prepared to pull your weight. A huge number were born in UK and got dragged over early by their parents or have parents who are brits.

    Promotion is a realistic proposition - a couple of ex-RN officers have made 2 stars in the RAN in recent times. The ADF is a professional, expanding armed force - do not expect your fun in the sun to be a jolly!

    The equipment is generally as good or better than the RN. A friend who did a type 42 exchange said he admired the people in the RN but was amazed at the crap equipment we put up with!

    The conditions of service are considerably better - particularly in a war zone - tax free pay and about 80 quid a day allowances in Iraq. In general pay is not as good in straight equivalent terms BUT the cost of living is cheaper eg petrol about 50p a litre. If you are young, for every ten years you serve you get 3 months long service leave entitlement. If your circumstances change during your service you can arrange to work part time, 3 or 4 days a week, providing you can be spared. Something I cannot imagine being allowed to do in the RN. Submariners be warned - the RAN is a rounded, mature organisation - it has female submariners!

    For Arrse guys - the army is expanding by nearly 3,000 guys (3 battalions) so real opportunities to make your mark. I believe last year a recruitment team were in the UK looking for 300 diggers to transfer from the British Army - and that was before the announcement about expansion!

    Hope this helps............
  14. In the latter days of my time in the mob i tried to transfer to the RAN,when asked if i had relatices in Aus i said no.A few months later i was a civvy only to find out that i have loads of rellies in Oz!!!!1
  15. Hobbit,

    do you have any info about transferring Pusser's pension to the RAN?
  16. Longlook exchange was a great idea for Brits, when we had people from CFM go on exchange to Oz they did very little work and were given loads of time off to go and travel around out there. On the reverse side, the aussies' that came to us were worked the same as us and given no extra time off, bit of a shame really.
    Of all the people I know who exchanged, they all loved it, and they all said the same thing, that you only have to do a bit of work over there and you shine, apparently the training over there is't quite what it is in UK so a bit of an easy ride for ex RN types.
  17. Negative sorry JG and a question I believe would want an answer straight from the horse's mouth Maybe a lump sum transfer would be possible as in any change of position over here but best be 100% positive If you're thinking seriously about best o'luck

  18. Yes that was a bad fox's paw but the message is there and spot on in your post. There is a danger in the home-sickness area and in my case it will never quite go away but once you're head down arse up it's a great place for all

  19. Too far to travel harry weekenders

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